sexual harassment

Restaurant Owner Tells Fired Female Employee to ‘Keep Your Legs Open’ (WATCH)

Ivy League Prof. Accused of Sexual Harassment: Laws Are Biased Against ‘Privileged White Males’

UPDATE: Morgan Freeman Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

If Ann Curry Is Right, NBC Legally Should Have Investigated Matt Lauer Years Ago

Harvard Prof Placed on Leave Following Allegations of Decades of Sexual Harassment

#MeToo Just Got Some Huge Help from State Attorneys General

Lawmaker Allegedly Groped Aide After Angrily Demanding Donuts

House Reveals Additional $115,000 in Sexual Harassment Related Settlements

ABA Legal Fact Check: Sexual Harassment Isn’t What You Think, Legally Speaking

‘Tick Tock’: O’Reilly Accuser Says Fox News Executives, Murdoch About to be Exposed

Mario Batali’s Apology Just Made Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him a Whole Lot Worse

Judge Allegedly Showed Porn to Clerk, Asked If It Turned Her On

Feminist Writer Closes Off Twitter After Saying She’s Cool with Sacrificing Innocent Men to Fight Sexual Misconduct

False Accusations are Real. Fox News Analyst Shouldn’t be Punished for Speaking Truth

‘What Did I Do Wrong? Nothing’: Andy Dick Denies Groping Allegations, Then Threatens to Grope Reporter

George H.W. Bush’s Alleged Groping Was Bad. His Publicist’s Response is Beyond Disturbing.

President George H.W. Bush Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment By Actress Heather Lind

Weinstein Board Could Face Lawsuits if They Knew of Harvey’s Alleged History, Lawyers Say

‘Enough’: Women in Politics Issue Letter Calling Out Workplace ‘Harassment and Abuse’

Weinstein Board Meeting Could Blow Up Amid Impending Legal Threat, Report Says

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