sex offender

‘It’s Upsetting, It’s Scary’: U.S. Census Bureau Hired Registered Child Sex Offender in N.C.

Registered Sex Offender Arrested When He Showed Up for Job as Santa Claus

Sex Offender Attacked by Another Prisoner in Crazy Court Video

Anthony Weiner to Register as Sex Offender After Guilty Plea

Accused Burglar Smiles for Mugshot Like It’s His Birthday

Yikes! Fed Agency Hires Registered Sex Offender Who Then Hid Additional Arrests During Tenure

Disbarred Attorney Pleads Guilty to Hypnotizing Clients For Sexual Gratification

Brock Turner Judge Recuses Himself From Ruling in Sex Crime Case

Couple Harassed After Police Mistakenly List Their House as Sex Offender Residence

State Court Issues Three Sex Offender Opinions, Overrules Them Same Day

Civil Rights Group Challenges Law Identifying Sex Offenders on Passports

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