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Court Case Shows Democratic Governors Can’t Agree on Gun Rights During a Pandemic

Ninth Circuit: Man ‘Committed to Mental Institution’ Decades Ago Can’t Get a Gun Despite Alleged Recovery

What to Know as SCOTUS Hears Gun Rights Case for First Time in 10 Years

California’s Proposed Expansion of ‘Red Flag’ Law Broadens Group of People Who Can Potentially Abuse It

CNN’s Cuomo on 2nd Amendment: ‘No Individual Right . . . Until Scalia’

Retired Supreme Court Justice Finds It ‘Mind-Boggling’ That Abolishing Second Amendment Is Not Popular

Supreme Court Rejects Cases on Gun Silencers and Guantanamo Bay Detainees

NY Angers Second Amendment Advocates by Attempting to Change Gun Law Ahead of SCOTUS Review

New York’s Ban on Nunchucks Ruled Unconstitutional Under the Second Amendment

The NRA May Be Turning Donald Trump against 3D Printed Guns

Governor Announces Plan to Arm School Officials for Next School Year

Pa. Man Gets Mental Health Check after Openly Carrying AR-15 Rifle

Why NY Times Publishing Justice Stevens’ Anti-Second Amendment Op-Ed was Irresponsible

Justice Stevens’ Call to Repeal Second Amendment Makes Me Glad He Retired

Zero Bump Stocks Surrendered Since Denver Ban — Here’s Why

Democrat Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Trump, and People are Triggered

ABA Legal Fact Check: How Far Can States Go to Control Guns?

In Scathing Dissent, Clarence Thomas Blasts SCOTUS for Not Hearing Second Amendment Case

NRA TV: Second Amendment Provides ‘The Firepower’ To Stand Up To Liberals In Government

Supreme Court Rejects 2 Gun Rights Appeals

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