Sanctuary Cities

Reagan-Appointed Judge Scorches DOJ’s Justification for Denying Funds to Sanctuary Cities

Trump Gets Major Legal Win: Court Allows Administration to Deny Grants to Sanctuary Cities

DOJ Escalates Fight Against Sanctuary Laws with New Lawsuits Against States

Trump Reportedly Revived Sanctuary Cities Idea to Distract from Mueller’s Findings

Trump Insists He Has Legal Right to Move Detainees to Sanctuary Cities, and He’s Probably Right

How Safe are ‘Sanctuary Cities’?

Acting ICE Director: Sanctuary City Leaders Should Face Criminal Charges

Undocumented Immigrant to Be Deported After Acquittal in Kate Steinle Murder Trial

Texas Police Can Now Be Imprisoned For Not Honoring ICE Detainer Requests

Judge: Sessions Can’t Deny Grant Money for Sanctuary Cities

Texas Immigration Law Smacked Down For Violating Rights of Cops

Texas Ban on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Temporarily Blocked by Judge

Denver Passes Immigrant Protections Amid White House Threats

Trump’s Threat to Pull Funding From So-Called Sanctuary Cites is Likely Illegal

Judge Refuses to Reinstate Trump Sanctuary Cities Order

Texas Stokes Immigration Debate With ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Ban

Sanctuary Cities Threatened with Loss of Federal Grant Money

DOJ Pushes Against Sanctuary Cities With Letters Threatening to Withhold Federal Money

‘Such Policies Cannot Continue’: AG Sessions Threatens to Pull Funds From Sanctuary Cities

What to Watch: ‘Sanctuary City’ Bill, Budget Come into Focus

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