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Robert Mueller

‘Worthless’; Former Federal Prosecutor Slams Trump’s Written Answers to Mueller

Judge Orders Release of Watergate Documents That Could Aid Mueller in Russia Probe Report

‘Highly Unusual’: Judge T.S. Ellis Suspicious of Manafort’s Plea Deal With Mueller

Now That Rosenstein May Be Out, Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller?

If Rosenstein Is Fired, This Is Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller

Mueller Wants to Know if ‘Suspicious’ $3.3 Million Was Related to 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

Days After Manafort Cuts Deal, Mueller Suddenly Ready to Sentence Michael Flynn

Donald Trump Jr. Hints at Possible Setup by Robert Mueller Down the Road

Rudy Giuliani Just Cooked Up 3 New Reasons the Mueller Probe Should End Now

Plot Twist: There May Not Be a Second Paul Manafort Trial After All

Giuliani: No Way in Hell Trump Answers ANY of Mueller’s Obstruction Questions

Judge Punts Decision on Critical Evidence in Second Manafort Trial

Mueller Makes Major Connection, Tying Secret Ukrainian Money to Trump Inauguration

Judge T.S. Ellis Just Gave Mueller a Whole Lot More Time to Decide on What to Do with Paul Manafort

Even if Trump Goes on a Firing Spree, Mueller Has a Secret ‘Parachute,’ Expert Claims

Mueller’s Revenge? Special Counsel Won’t Rule Out Going After Manafort in Third Trial

Manafort’s Defense Hints at Major Strategy Change for Second Trial

Special Counsel Files Blatantly Inaccurate Motion in Russian Troll Farm Case

Looks Like Paul Manafort Blew His Chance at a Plea Deal

Roger Stone Begs for Legal Assistance Because ‘Deep State’ Mueller Is About to ‘Frame’ Him

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