Robert Mueller

Mueller Report Appears More Damaging Than Barr’s Letter Led Public to Believe

#TrumpColluded Is Trending on Twitter

MUELLER REPORT: All the Trump ‘Episodes’ Examined in Obstruction of Justice Probe

The Redacted Version of Robert Mueller’s Russia Report Has Been Released

Barr: Mueller Examined 10 ‘Episodes’ of Potential Obstruction by Trump

‘This Performance Is a Legal Embarrassment’: Barr Criticized for Saying Everything Trump Wanted to Hear

Watch: AG William Barr’s Mueller Report Press Conference

‘This Is Stupid’: Barr’s Scheduled Mueller Report Press Conference Immediately Mocked

White House Officials Reportedly Fear Mueller Report Will Expose Them to Trump’s ‘Wrath’

Roger Stone Launches Legal Hail Mary to Get Mueller Indictment Tossed in the Trash

Rod Rosenstein Breaks Silence on Barr’s Handling of the Mueller Report, Calls Criticism ‘Bizarre’

Former Obama Lawyer Indicted for Allegedly Lying to the Department of Justice

AG William Barr Seems to Think Obama Admin May Have Illegally Spied on Trump Campaign

Chelsea Handler Tells The View She’s ‘Sexually Vibrating’ Over Robert Mueller

AG Barr Didn’t Say No When Asked if the White House Had Seen the Mueller Report

Former U.S. Attorney on ‘The Dan Abrams Podcast’: ‘Congress Needs to Find Out’ What Is in Mueller Report

Dem Rep Suggests Barr May Have ‘Obstructed Justice’

4 Revelations from Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Eye Opening Interview About Mueller Probe

Special Counsel Investigators Push Back for First Time on Barr’s Summary of Mueller’s ‘Principal Conclusions’

GOP Rep Who Voted to Make Mueller Report Public 20 Days Ago Says Subpoena of Full Report Is ‘Reckless’

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