Roy Moore Once Stabbed Himself With Knife During Murder Trial

Jodi Arias Prosecutor Cleared of Ethics Charge

WATCH: ‘War Machine’ Prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth On The LawNewz Network

Maryland Prosecutor Resigns, Sentenced for Indecent Exposure

Prosecutor Who Called Sexual Assault Victim ‘Conniving Little W—e’ No Longer Has Job

‘Making a Murderer’ Prosecutor (and Nancy Grace) Not Happy Brendan Dassey Conviction Overturned

Disgraceful Texas Prosecutors Jail Rape Victim Who Had Difficulty Testifying

Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Convicted of Trying to Have Prosecutor Killed

Prosecutor on Lewandowski’s Battery Case is Prominent Hillary Clinton Supporter

Cops: Prosecutor Paid for Sex with an Abused Woman Seeking Help

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