obstruction of justice

5 Times Barr Showed His Hand During The Mueller Report Press Conference

Mueller Report Flatly Contradicts Barr’s Claim That Trump Cooperated

Judge Nap: There’s ‘Undoubtedly Some Evidence of Conspiracy and Some Evidence of Obstruction’

Here’s The Fundamental Problem with Barr’s ‘No Obstruction’ Conclusion

Watergate Journalist: Trump Is ‘Dangling Pardons’ Like Something Out of ‘The Godfather’

Legal Experts: SDNY May Be Investigating Trump Obstruction After ‘Friends in High Places’ Email

Dan Abrams on Case for Trump Obstruction: If BuzzFeed Report is True, ‘This is Easy’

‘Blatant Attempt at Obstruction’: Fmr Fed Prosecutor Says Trump Complaining About Cohen Investigation Was ‘Criminal’

Trump May Have Made Mueller’s Obstruction Case Even Easier with Latest Claim

Here’s How Mueller Could Bring Witness Tampering Charges Based on Trump’s Tweets

Giuliani Says He Didn’t Talk to Trump About Sessions, Gives ‘Unrecusal’ a Thumbs Up Anyway

Fmr Nixon White House Lawyer: Trump Leaking Mueller Questions Could Be Obstruction of Justice

Eric Holder: Mueller Will Charge Trump With Obstruction of Justice

Fmr Trump Spox Believes Hope Hicks Might Have Considered Obstructing Justice, Report Says

Harvard Prof: If Trump’s Involved in Releasing Nunes Memo, it ‘Must Be’ to Obstruct Justice

Trump’s Attempt at Firing Mueller Just Made Obstruction Case Even Stronger

How Bannon’s Refusal to Talk Could Lead to Trump’s Impeachment

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Attorneys Are Lying To Him So He Doesn’t Fire Mueller

Even Lindsey Graham Shoots Down Trump Lawyer’s Claim About Obstruction of Justice

Fmr Trump Ethics Lawyer: The President’s Flynn Tweet Is An Admission No Matter Who Wrote It

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