‘Meth-Gators’? Tennessee Police Issue Wild Warning About the Dangers of Flushing Drugs

Owner of ‘Meth-Fueled Attack Squirrel’ Arrested in Alabama

Detectives: Doctors Found Drugs in Butt of 13-Time Convicted Felon Who Shot Himself ‘Through His Testicles’

‘I’ve Been Doing Meth and Masturbating All Day’ Says Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Wife

Entire Community Dumps Halloween Candy After Meth Found in Kid’s Bag

Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’: Fmr New Mexico Science Teacher Convicted for Making Meth

Whoops! Man Allegedly Texts Deputy in Failed Attempt to Score Meth

Man Says Deputies Mistook Cat Litter for ‘Meth’

Man Arrested After Allegedly Seeking Loan So He Could Buy Meth

Sheriff’s Office Urges Meth Users To Bring Drugs in for Testing. Wait, What?

Man Facing Manslaughter Charges for Hitting Pregnant Woman Who Miscarried

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