Law Profs: Bernie Sanders’ Marijuana Plan Lacks ‘Rudimentary Understanding’ of Presidential Power

Federal Court: Smell of Marijuana Justified Police Search of ‘Entire House,’ Including Safes and Locked Boxes

Mayors in Pot-Friendly Cities Urge Federal Marijuana Reform

Twittarians Expect Trump’s Pot Plan to Totally Trigger Jeff Sessions

Family Loses Custody of Son After Using Marijuana to Treat Seizures

Vermont Considers Ticketing Potheads Whose Fumes Are Too Dank

Philly DA Drops Dozens of Drug Charges as City Prepares to Decriminalize Marijuana

Prosecutors Reach Deal with Man Accused of Feeding Hash Cookies to Churchgoers

Despite Shift to Medical Marijuana, California Remains the Wild West

Attorney General to End Policy that Allowed Legal Pot to Thrive

California Cops Bust Pot Distributors on Eve of Legalization

Elderly Couple Tells Cops that 60 Pounds of Pot were ‘Christmas Presents’

McDonald’s Assistant Manager Got Coworkers High with Marijuana Candy, Police Say

GOP Senator Says It’s ‘High Time’ for Marijuana Research in Awesome Pun-Filled Statement

Senator Pushes Bill to Legalize Marijuana, Punish States with Disproportionate Minority Arrests

Cops: Don’t Bring Marijuana to New Hampshire

Police Called After Cooler Full of Pot Found Donated to Goodwill

Free Joints! Police May Give Free Pass to Pot Smokers at Inauguration

WATCH: Officer Allows Teen to Do Push-Ups Instead of Hauling Him to Jail

Teen Said He Bought Illegal Drugs Because He ‘Didn’t Believe in Big Pharma,’ Deputies Say

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