GOP Senator Says It’s ‘High Time’ for Marijuana Research in Awesome Pun-Filled Statement

Senator Pushes Bill to Legalize Marijuana, Punish States with Disproportionate Minority Arrests

Cops: Don’t Bring Marijuana to New Hampshire

Police Called After Cooler Full of Pot Found Donated to Goodwill

Free Joints! Police May Give Free Pass to Pot Smokers at Inauguration

WATCH: Officer Allows Teen to Do Push-Ups Instead of Hauling Him to Jail

Teen Said He Bought Illegal Drugs Because He ‘Didn’t Believe in Big Pharma,’ Deputies Say

Police Chief: Legalized Marijuana is No Free-For-All

WATCH: Crazy Mannequin Challenge ‘Shootout’ Scene Leads to Criminal Charges

‘Blood Money!’: Chris Christie Unloaded When Caller Asks About Legalizing Marijuana

Roadside ‘Pot Breathalyzer’ Test In Development At Chemistry Lab

WATCH: Cop Cost City $100K By Eating Pot-Laced Food During Raid

‘Weed World Candies’ Truck Bursts Into Flames on Busy Highway

‘F—k It, I Quit’ Reporter Faces 54 Years in Prison Over Marijuana Charges

Uncle Allegedly Taught 3-Year-Old to Smoke Marijuana, Then Uploaded Video to Facebook

Teacher’s ‘Bad Day’ Leads to DWI Arrest, Cops Say

DEA Decides to Keep Marijuana Illegal Under Federal Law

Frightening Alleged Robbery of Marijuana Shop Ends Like ‘Dumbest Criminals Video’

Dozens Sent to Hospital From Reported THC-Laced Candy at Hip Hop Festival

Doctors Sue Health Dept Over Suspensions for Prescribing Too Much Marijuana

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