Julie Swetnick

Michael Avenatti Issues a Direct Challenge to Brett Kavanaugh

Dershowitz Says Avenatti May Have ‘Ethical Obligation’ to Withdraw Julie Swetnick’s Statement After TV Interview

Fox News Legal Analyst: Julie Swetnick in ‘Legal Jeopardy’ After NBC Interview, Should Fire Avenatti

Alan Dershowitz: It’s Time to Find Out if Michael Avenatti’s Client Perjured Herself

Grassley Claims Avenatti, Other Accusers Won’t Cooperate in Kavanaugh Probe

Dershowitz: Avenatti Affidavit Is an ‘Embarrassment to the Law’ (WATCH)

What Michael Avenatti’s New Client Doesn’t Say About Kavanaugh Is Legally Significant

Avenatti Reveals Mystery Client’s Identity, Releases Her Statement Against Brett Kavanaugh

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