Sheriff Ends Cooperation With ICE After Agency Tried to Deport U.S. Marine Born in Michigan

Republican Governor Pardons Immigrants Trump’s Been Trying to Deport For Over a Year

Judge in Sanctuary City Under Investigation for Possibly Helping Immigrant Evade ICE Custody

Seattle Law School Stops ICE Externship Program to Prevent Undocumented Students from Feeling ‘Unsafe’

Motel 6 Will Pay $8.9 Million to Latino Guests for Turning Them Over to ICE Agents

Trump Admin Spending $13 Million Per Month to ‘Cage People’ in Texas

ICE Crashed a Van Full of Detained Mothers and Misrepresented the Story Until They Got Caught

Trump’s Slow-Walk of Reunification Order May Mean Separated Families Can Sue Individual ICE Agents

Trump Admin is Now Admitting They ‘Might Be’ Detaining and Separating U.S. Citizens

ICE Job Post Calls For Research on Those Who Persecute People ‘On the Basis of Race’ or ‘Nationality’

ICE Agent Complains: ‘Even the Cops Don’t Like Us Anymore’

Top ICE Lawyer Sentenced to Four Years in Prison For Stealing Immigrants’ Identities

ICE Agents Seek to Create New Agency

Homeland Security Officials Interrupt CBS Interview with ICE Whistleblower (Watch)

Fact-Checker Resigns After Mistakenly Claiming ICE Employee Had Nazi Tattoo

In New Court Filing, Parents Suing Over Family Separation Say They Want Answers and They Want Them Now

Parents With Babies Occupy ICE Offices to Demand Reunification of Children Separated from Families

Sheriff Accused of Illegally Detaining Immigrant in Violation of State Law

Websites Crack Down on Posts Revealing ICE Workers’ Personal Information

ICE Calls for Apologies After Fact-Checker Mistakenly Accuses Employee of Having Nazi Tattoo

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