Fmr College Student Made Up Cancer Story, Duped Classmates into Donations, Police Say

Coach Lane Kiffin Faces Fraud Lawsuit Alleging He Lied to Assistant to Gain Star Recruit

NY Attorney General Issues Urgent Warning About Scam Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

‘Doctor Love’ Indicted for Allegedly Cheating Elderly Woman into Buying Him Car

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Kept Giving Money to Company Even After Fraud Conviction

Prosecutors Recommend CEO Serve Time in Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen for Selling Fake Cheese

Clinton Campaign Accused of Leeching Funds from ‘Low-Income’ Donors

Police Investigating Group for Possible Voter Registration Fraud

Report: Prosecutors Investigate Trump Campaign CEO’s Voter Registration

Guess What Teenage ‘Dr. Love’ Was Arrested For This Time

For 4 Years, Mother Allegedly Pocketed Donations for Child’s Fake Cancer

Feds Indict 46 Alleged Mobsters in Massive, Multi-State Organized Crime Bust

Woman Who Faked Cancer to Get Abortion Convicted in Separate Fraud Scheme

Ex-Fox News Pundit Wayne Simmons, Who Falsely Claimed CIA Past, Sentenced for Fraud

Judge Curiel to Decide Whether to Release Donald Trump’s Videotaped Deposition Testimony

Rep. Corrine Brown Indicted for Her Role in Fraudulent Charity Scheme

Soccer Player Lionel Messi Sentenced to 21 months for Tax Fraud, Likely Not Going to Jail

Buyer Beware: Trump Univ. Used Same Slimy Tactics as Candidate Trump Does Today

Man Pleads Guilty to Lethal Butt Injections

Ex-NBA Player Kermit Washington Indicted in Charity Fraud Scheme

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