Parents Suing Elite Prep School for Expelling Son Who Refused to ‘Buy into Liberal Indoctrination’

Churches File Lawsuit Requesting Ability to Discriminate Against LGBT Individuals

Fmr Employee Claims Google Wrongfully Fired Him for Defending Minorities

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

Cop Sues Village, Says She Was ‘Punished’ for Becoming Pregnant

21st Century Fox Paid $50 Million to Settle Harassment, Discrimination Claims

Trump Admin Will Go After Universities That Discriminate Against Whites

Yesterday is Gonna Go Down In History as the Day LGBT Rights Died

SCOTUS Strikes Down Gender Discrimination Against Men, Everyone Wins

New Fox News Lawsuits Allege Discrimination, Physical Threats Against Employees

Texas Adoption Agencies Could Ban Jews, Gays, Muslims

Fox News Employee Claims She Was Fired 24 Hours After Contacting Company’s Lawyer for Discrimination

Ex-Fox Employee Recounts Network Boss Repeatedly Calling Her ‘One Boob Girl’ After Cancer Diagnosis

White Student Charged After Racist Rant About Chicken Wings Posted on SnapChat

Fmr Disney Workers Sue For Racial Discrimination After Being Ousted by Immigrants

DOJ Sues County for Blocking Mosque Plans, Alleging Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Black Employees at CNN, TBS

Mediator Assigned After Makeup Artists at Fox News Claim They Were Made to Watch Sexual Video

Deaf Customer Files Lawsuit After She Says This Video Shows Her Being Berated at Window

Airbnb Promises Fix to Racism on Platform, but Admit They Don’t Know the Answer Yet

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