department of justice

DOJ Agrees to Turn Over ‘Key Evidence’ from Mueller Investigation

U.S. Marshal Joked About Shooting Federal Judge During Firearms Briefing. It Didn’t Go Over Well.

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Was Advised to Recuse Himself from Mueller Probe. He Didn’t Do That.

Hundreds of Department of Justice Alumni Stand Up Against Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment

Lawsuit: DOJ Needs to Stop Denying Federal Inmates Attorney-Client Privileged Email

These Paul Erickson Tapes Sound Like a Roadmap for Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina

Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina Met with American Political Operatives in 2016

After Trump Trashed A School Resource Officer, DOJ Scrapped Research Directive on School Resource Officers

On July 4th Eve, Jeff Sessions Quietly Rescinds a Bunch of Protections for Minorities

Justice Department Cuts Language About Need for Free Press from U.S. Attorneys’ Manual

DOJ Sues After Religious Nurse Says She Was Basically Forced to Vaccinate Herself

Fmr DOJ Official Seeks Light Sentence After ‘B-Grade Action Movie’ Plot to Sell Secrets

Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit is Dead-On-Arrival, and Everyone Knows It

DOJ Claims ACLU Misled Them on Timing of Immigrant Teen’s Abortion

Feds Lost Track of Suspected Terrorists Put in Witness Protection

UPDATE: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Insists He Did Not Threaten to Quit

To Some, Aggressive Justice Dept Stance Looks Like Step Back

Trump Plans to Make Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Head of DOJ Civil Division, Report Says

DOJ Grants $8 Million to Orlando Shooting Victims

Obama Holdover Fired After Reportedly Refusing to Resign as U.S. Attorney

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