House Republican Accuses James Clapper of Leaking Classified Info to CNN

Adam Schiff Might Have Released Classified Information in Attempt to Rebut Nunes Memo

McCabe Ouster Won’t Help Trump Because FBI Still Loyal to Comey, NY Times Reporter Says

Trump Reportedly Telling Aides He Wants to Fire Rod Rosenstein

Democrats Are Caving To Trump’s Demand For Border Wall

Trump DHS Official: ‘Societies And Nations For Millennia Have Suffered Greatly’ For Accepting LGBT Citizens

It Sure Looks Like Trump Broke the Law When He Kicked Out CNN’s Jim Acosta

Will CNN, NBC Get in Trouble with Law for Saying ‘Shithole’ on TV?

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Attorneys Are Lying To Him So He Doesn’t Fire Mueller

NY Gov: ISPs Should Track People Who Search For Bomb-Making Info, Censor Websites

Fmr White House Attorney: FBI Email Undermines Jeff Sessions’ Story About Foreign Contacts

Reporter Who ‘Independently Confirmed’ CNN‘s Fake Wikileaks Report Has His Stories Previewed By The CIA

Democrat Ted Lieu Repeats CNN‘s Debunked Wikileaks Claim, Deletes Widely-Shared Tweet After Being Called Out

Police Report Filed After Don Lemon Gets Alleged Death Threat from White Nationalist

Did Clinton Campaign Collude With The Russians By Funding Dossier Research?

Retired Lt. General Slams Trump On Puerto Rico: ‘I Hope The President Has A Good Day Of Golf’

Sick: Texas Woman Apparently Charging $300 to Escape Harvey Flooding

Stephen Miller Lives In a Condo Apparently Built in Accordance With Sharia Law

Fmr OJ Lawyer Defends Simpson, Blasts CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin

Older Male Photojournalist Sues CNN for Discrimination

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