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Alex Jones and InfoWars Ordered to Pay More Than $100,000 in Sandy Hook Legal Fees

Former Federal Prosecutors Urge AG Barr to Protect Jurors in Roger Stone Trial from Tampering

Alex Jones Sues The Young Turks: They ‘Told the World’ I Sent Child Porn to Sandy Hook Parents

Texas Judge Dismisses Alex Jones’s Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Case

In a Bizarre Twist, Alex Jones Could Be Going to Connecticut Supreme Court

‘This Is Uncharted Territory’: Judge Didn’t Buy Alex Jones’s Apology for Alleged Threat

Defense Lawyer Responds to Allegation That Alex Jones Sent Child Porn to Sandy Hook Families’ Attorneys

Alex Jones Pays Out $15,000 in Pepe the Frog Dispute, Declares Victory

7 Awkward Moments from Alex Jones’ Taped Deposition About the Sandy Hook Massacre

Corsi Accuses InfoWars, Alex Jones of Being Roger Stone’s Minions in $50M Lawsuit

Judge Grants Sandy Hook Families Access to InfoWars’ Internal Documents in Suit Against Alex Jones

Blame Congress, Not the Internet, for Creating Alex Jones

Donald Trump Jr. Worries About Conservative ‘Censorship’ in Unintentionally Revealing Tweet

Alex Jones is Being Purged from the Internet. Can He Sue?

Alex Jones’ Latest Absurd Claim: ‘Obama’s Having Sex with 10 Dudes a Day’ (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz’s Criticism of Facebook Suggests He Doesn’t Understand How Freedom of Speech Works

Alex Jones’ Insane Rant About ‘Sack of Crap’ Robert Mueller Is Driving the Internet Up a Wall (VIDEO)

Avenatti Confirms Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Looked to Hire Him for Custody Battle

Prominent Liberal Pundit Seems to Think Kanye West Works for the Kremlin

After Being Hit With Libel Lawsuit, Alex Jones Makes Crazy Video Invoking ’12th Dimensional Helix’

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