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Woman allegedly injected foreign substance into neck of random Walmart customer before she and her armed companion fought cops in parking lot

Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell fought cops outside a Walmart in Duluth, Georgia, after Keenan stuck a syringe in a customer, police said. (Mugshots: Duluth Police Department)

Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell fought cops outside a Walmart in Duluth, Georgia, after Keenan stuck a syringe in a customer, police said. (Mugshots: Duluth Police Department)

Two people allegedly fought the cops after one of the suspects stuck a syringe into a customer at Walmart.

Jennifer Keenan, 55, is charged with aggravated battery, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of any crime, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. Jay Carswell, 73, is charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

According to police documents, officers responded to the Walmart on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia, on Aug. 10. Security said that a man had come up to customer service saying that a woman wearing a yellow plaid shirt stabbed him in the neck with a needle and injected him with a foreign substance.

When police arrived, security pointed out the suspect vehicle — a blue Ford Expedition parked at the side of the building.

Police approached a man was in the driver seat. They said it was Carswell.

When asked if he was alone in the vehicle, he said “no,” and that his friend was in the backseat.

It was Keenan, officers said. She stepped out when asked by officers. Carswell gave his driver’s license. Keenan refused to give her information, documents stated.

The situation allegedly escalated. Police said they pulled Keenan’s arms behind her back to handcuff her.

Carswell allegedly stepped out of the vehicle. An officer pulled out a taser and told him to get back in the vehicle. Carswell kept yelling while returning to the vehicle, police said. Keenan allegedly kept resisting.

“While still watching the male suspect, I heard Officer Halladay state he was in an active fight with the female suspect due to her getting out of one of the handcuffs,” police wrote.  “When he gained back control of the female suspect’s arms, Officer Halladay yelled that the female had a gun on her person.”

The other officer grabbed the gun. Keenan allegedly yelled for Carswell to help her.

“I observed the male suspect moving around the vehicle and it was at that moment, I lost sight of his right hand due to him reaching for something,” police said. “I then gave numerous verbal commands for the suspect to show me both of his hands. When the male suspect started to move his right arm again to reach for something, I immediately ordered him to exit the vehicle.”

Carswell allegedly stepped out of the vehicle, but reentered in spite of the officer’s demands to get on the ground with hands up.

“At that moment, I then opened the car door in an attempt to gain control of the suspect,” police said. “It was then the suspect closed the door with his left hand and tried to start the vehicle’s ignition to drive off.”

The officer used a stun gun him, and Carswell reached into the backseat to grab something, police claim.

Another officer, who had used a patrol vehicle to block Carswell from fleeing, stepped forward to help pull him out of the vehicle, documents state.

In one report, officers found a gun in Carswell’s right pocket and three fully loaded shotguns in the backseat of the vehicle.

The other officer’s report described two rifles and a shotgun in addition to the gun he personally possessed.

Keenan and Carswell remain locked up at the Gwinnett County Jail each on a $3,500 bond.

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