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Woman accused of stabbing ex-boyfriend in his sleep 19 times with scissors and claiming it was a ‘dream’ now pleads insanity

Morgan Taylor Lund stabbed her ex-boyfriend in his sleep, authorities said. (Mugshot: Winnebago County Sheriff's Office)

Morgan Taylor Lund stabbed her ex-boyfriend in his sleep, authorities said. (Mugshot: Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office)

A Wisconsin woman pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on Monday to stabbing her ex-boyfriend with scissors in what police have called an attempted murder.

Defendant Morgan Taylor Lund, 21, claimed that she experienced a possible dream and attacked a “dark, scary figure” assailing her ex, according to the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint. Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Bryan D. Keberlein on Tuesday ordered a mental examination for Lund.

Prosecutors previously said Oshkosh police were dispatched to the 500 block of Jefferson Street just before 8:00 a.m. on Feb. 18.

“The call was originally dispatched as ‘sister freaked out and boyfriend is bleeding. Possibly stabbed in arms,'” documents stated.

Police arrived to find a bloody scene.

When Officer Bennett reached the top of the stairs he saw a younger blonde female who appeared to be wearing only an oversized blue UCLA sweatshirt and had the appearance of blood coating both of her legs, her feet, both forearms, and the back and front of her hands,” documents stated. “She was leaning over the back of a black sectional couch in a living room, applying pressure to a shirtless male’s upper chest or right shoulder area.”

Lund’s ex-boyfriend voiced outrage.

“What the f— is wrong with you?” the ex-boyfriend told her in documents. “Why in my sleep, bro?”

“I thought I saw something,” Lund allegedly said.

“No!” the man said.

Lund was allegedly crying. The man, who was bleeding heavily, described being injured, “all over, on my back, on my chest, everywhere.” Lund also pointed out a cut on his scalp as well, according to documents. All told, hospital medical staff found 19 stab wounds, giving him stitches or staples for the injuries, prosecutors said. Stab wounds were on his back, right shoulder, “chest/side,” face, and both hands, authorities said.

Police claimed to find “copious amounts of blood” on the floor and couch in the living room. There were scissors, apparently bloodied, on the floor by the couch, authorities said.

Lund and the man, who is the father of her child, lived together, according to documents.

She stated that for roughly six months to a year she had been seeing a ‘figure” that was dark in color and clearly not a person,” court documents stated. “This morning she said that she remembers waking up at approximately 6:30 AM with the baby in the room. Because she was having trouble sleeping, she took the baby out to a large playpen in the living room where V1 was laying on the couch. She returned to bed to fall back asleep.”

Lund allegedly said she did not remember waking up a second time that morning.

“She had a muddled memory of something that might have been a dream, or her imagination, but she thought V1 was yelling at their daughter,” documents stated. “She remembers then being in the living room area and seeing this dark, scary figure on top of V1, attacking him. She went over to the couch area and picked up a pair of scissors laying there and began ‘trying to kill’ the dark ominous figure attacking V1. It was not until V1 was screaming at her and fighting back that she realized the figure was not there and she was, in fact, injuring V1. She says that as soon as she realized what was happening she put down the scissors and tried to render first aid to V1.” 

Speaking to police, Lund allegedly said she believed to have seen something. She feared there was “something wrong with my head,” according to documents.

In the documents, the man described him and Lund as having a contentious relationship. He claimed she was abusive, “hitting him on several occasions.” They began arguing daily, and he said he “shuts the argument down because he does not want to be involved with her any longer.” They had been together for about three years but ended their relationship one-to-two months before. After that, he started sleeping on the couch and let her have the bedroom.

Nonetheless, the man said he did not know why Lund stabbed him, “especially in front of his daughter.” Nothing happened between them the previous night. Lund threatened him in the past, though to his knowledge, she never threatened to kill him, he said in documents.

But he said he woke up to find her stabbing him repeatedly, authorities said.

“Why would you do this to me?” Lund allegedly said during the stabbing.

From documents:

She said something to him about having a dream. V1 stated that he didn’t really realize what happened until he looked down at his body and observed blood squirting out of his body. He ultimately was able to attempt to fight back and pinned her down to get the scissors away from her. V1 stated that once he was able to fight the scissors out of her hands, Morgan stated that she did not know what was happening, she had a dream. V1 then asked her to go get a towel and she was able to go and retrieve a towel for him. She then said something about, “I don’t want to lose custody.”

Another hearing is scheduled for April 13.

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