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TV News Producer Suspended After Being Caught Saying ‘N*gger’ on Tape (VIDEO)

Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Tasing Woman Smashing up a Taco Bell

‘We Were Trying to Kill Her’ Slenderman Confession Released (VIDEO)

Air Force Sergeant Under Investigation for Ranting About ‘Black Females’ (VIDEO)

Police Arrest 7-Year-Old Boy for Allegedly Attacking Teacher

Disabled 69-Year-Old Texas Veteran Fights Back Against Car-Jacker (WATCH)

Cop Who Apparently Beat Wife on Camera is Allowed to Retire (VIDEO)

Three Undercover NYPD Cops Appear To Brutally Arrest Women Over Fare Evasion (VIDEO)

Florida Cops Caught Disconnecting Man’s Home Surveillance System

Security Guard with Real Gun Stops and Shoots Armed Robbers Using Fake Gun (WATCH)

Utah Cops Fire 75 Shots During High Speed Chase On Busy Highway (VIDEO)

Harvey Weinstein Got Slapped In The Face Last Night (WATCH)

School Board Goes On Lockdown Over Death Threats After Forcibly Removing Teacher From Meeting (VIDEO)

Girls Started Massive Movie Theatre Brawl Over Boy, Witness Says (WATCH)

Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harington Ejected From New York City Bar (WATCH)

Sheriff’s Deputy Killed By One Punch To The Head (VIDEO)

Wild Christmas Day Brawl Wrecks Waffle House (WATCH)

Viral Gang Beating of Muslim Girl Not Being Investigated as Hate Crime (VIDEO)

Bodycam Shows Florida Cop Being Dragged By Car Going 60 MPH (WATCH)

Shocking Footage Shows 93-Year-Old Woman Arrested During Eviction

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