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Remember Those Voter Cages? Turns Out, That Was Russian Meddling

Mueller Indicted the First American For Directly Helping the Russians…and He Pleaded Guilty

The Russians Apparently Infiltrated These #Hashtags and @Handles in the 2016 Election

Former Playmate Is Likely Going to Get Sued and Will Probably Lose for Dishing on Trump Affair

Michael Cohen’s Porn Star Payment Just Left Trump Open to Criminal Charges

Fed Judge Forces Trump Admin. to Follow Obama’s Playbook on ‘Dreamers’

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Rachel Brand Just Outmaneuvered President Trump

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Paid $100,000 to Russian Source Who Claimed to Have Tape of Trump With Hookers

‘Botox and Looks HORRIBLE’: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Trash Talked Fox News, Megyn Kelly

Hey, GOP, ‘Law Enforcement’ Includes the FBI

9th Circuit Affirms $25 Million Settlement Against ‘Sham’ Trump University

Trump Admin Hid Data Showing New Rule That Would Cost Workers Billions, Report Says

Trump Considering Asking Sessions to Prosecute Mueller, Friends Say

Top Dem Senator Admits Fusion GPS Dossier Hasn’t Been Verified

Trump Reportedly Telling Aides He Wants to Fire Rod Rosenstein

Trump’s Attempt at Firing Mueller Just Made Obstruction Case Even Stronger

Trump’s List of Mueller’s Supposed ‘Conflicts of Interest’ is Laughable

Trump’s Pledge to Speak with Mueller is Almost Word for Word His Promise to Release His Taxes

Is This The Receipt For Trump’s Hush Money Payment Made To Stormy Daniels?

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