Don Jr. Should Be Sweating as Russian Lawyer Offers to Talk

GOP’s Tax Plan Tries To Be Pro-Life And Fails Miserably

Grand Jury Docs Have Been Unsealed, and It’s Looking Even Worse for Manafort

Trump Can Try to Pardon Mueller’s Suspects But It Isn’t Going To Work

Is Trump Looking For An Excuse To Fire Mueller Before He’s Impeached?

Steele Dossier Was Not The Basis For Trump-Related Surveillance

Clinton Lawyer Said to Be Tied to Dossier Well Known for Protecting Political Funding Sources

Jeff Flake Has Voted With Trump 91.7 Percent Of The Time

Dem Talking to Mental Health Pros to Support Trump 25th Amendment Claim

Now DeVos Has Totally Screwed Over Children With Special Needs

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Wrongly Blames Terror for UK Crime Jump

Will Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Get Dismissed? It might.

Trump Promised A Dead Soldier’s Family A Check For $25K. He Apparently Hasn’t Given Them a Cent Yet.

Did President Trump Illegally Record a Military Widow? He Might Have.

In Travel Ban Denial, Judge Jabs at Trump, Compares Him to Colin Kaepernick

Trump Repeatedly Claims Obamacare No Longer Exists (WATCH)

Trump Wants to Pull FCC Licenses from ‘Fake News’ Network…. Except That’s Not Going to Happen

Trump is Right, the NFL Really Does Get ‘Massive Tax Breaks’

Trump Supporter Vandalizes Muslim City Council Candidate’s Billboard

Pence’s $200K Tantrum at Yesterday’s Game was Truly Unpatriotic

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