After Backlash, D.C. Metro Won’t Be Giving Private Train Cars for White Supremacists

Woman Allegedly Hits Car Because of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker

Giuliani Just Accused Mueller of Misconduct for Something That is Actually Not Misconduct

Someone Destroyed Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame … Again

If Trump Actually Gives Putin’s Soccer Ball Gift to Barron, It Might Be Illegal

Trump Is Sure To Claim Privilege On the Cohen Tape, And It’s Probably Not Going to Go So Well

Yes #TreasonSummit, There’s Legal Basis For Impeaching Trump Now

Trump is on a Thin Line With the Law and CNN’s Jim Acosta

Hannity Denies He’s Telling Trump Precisely When to Fire Mueller, Rosenstein

Kavanaugh Tries to Praise Trump, Ends up Saying Something Totally False

After Trump Trashed A School Resource Officer, DOJ Scrapped Research Directive on School Resource Officers

Trump Claimed He Just Won DNC Lawsuit Accusing Him of Collusion. This Is What Actually Happened.

Teen Allegedly Assaulted at Burger Joint for Wearing MAGA Hat (Video)

On July 4th Eve, Jeff Sessions Quietly Rescinds a Bunch of Protections for Minorities

Steele Dossier Wasn’t Basis for Russia Investigation, Senate Committee Says

Trump Admin. Wants Colleges to Use ‘Race-Blind’ Admissions Procedures

CNN Analyst: Fourth of July Could Be Perfect Time for Trump to Pardon Cohen

Judge in Trump Foundation Case Shifted Around Her Calendar to Hold Key Hearings Before Midterm Elections

American Academy of Pediatrics President Calls Trump Family Separation Policy Child Abuse (Video)

Giuliani: Mueller Probe ‘Might’ Be ‘Cleaned Up’ Through ‘Presidential Pardons’

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