Win a Copy of Dan Abrams’s New Book with David Fisher ‘John Adams Under Fire’!

New Book: Dan Abrams and David Fisher Bring You the Story of John Adams’ ‘Finest Hour’

Veteran Public Servant Said Her Salary Was Cut $18,000 After She Filed Discrimination Complaint

How This Electrician Fought Back After Coworkers Allegedly Flattened Tires on 3 of Her Vehicles

‘Facts Are Stubborn Things’: John Adams Fights for Justice in New Book from Dan Abrams and David Fisher

Founder of Mirman, Markovitz & Landau Breaks Down Tricky New York Accident Law

Win a Copy of the New Book from Legendary Former FBI Agent John Douglas

Hosts of My Favorite Murder Come Out with New Book Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered!

Win a Copy of Dan Abrams’ New Book with David Fisher, ‘Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense’!

Theodore Roosevelt Fights for His Legacy in the Newest Book from Dan Abrams

Mirman, Markovits & Landau Can Help You Take the Pain Out of Personal Injury

Here’s How You Can Find Out if You Qualify for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund

9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Has 2020 Deadline. Learn If You Qualify.

TrustDALE Investigates Confronts Dental Office Over $450 Procedure That Was Never Performed

TrustDale Investigates: How a Bait and Switch Scheme Ended with the Tragic Death of Two Teenage Girls (WATCH)

Win a Copy of Charles Rosenberg’s New Book, The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington!

Win a Copy of Lis Wiehl’s New Book with Caitlin Rother, ‘Hunting Charles Manson’!

Win a Copy of Dan Abrams’ and David Fisher’s New Book ‘Lincoln’s Last Trial’!

Win a Copy of Leo J. Maloney’s New Spy Thriller ‘Rogue Commander’!

Recourse Available for Cancer and Respiratory Victims of 9/11

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