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Second Amendment

NYC Will ‘Pay the Price’ of National Concealed Carry Law, Warns Vance

Governor Announces Plan to Arm School Officials for Next School Year

DOJ Cracks Down on Firearms Dealer, Seizes 280 Firearms, Shuts Down Store

NRA Loses in Court After Complaining About Being Called ‘Offensive’ Names

NY Lawmaker Seeks to Ban NRA-Funded School Gun Clubs After Parkland Massacre

Pa. Man Gets Mental Health Check after Openly Carrying AR-15 Rifle

‘Scalia Would be Proud’: Judge Cites Antonin Scalia in Upholding ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Advertiser Drops MSNBC Over Kurt Eichenwald’s Attacks on Parkland Teen Kyle Kashuv

Why NY Times Publishing Justice Stevens’ Anti-Second Amendment Op-Ed was Irresponsible

Justice Stevens’ Call to Repeal Second Amendment Makes Me Glad He Retired

Parkland Survivor David Hogg is Being Mocked for Wanting Normal Backpacks

Zero Bump Stocks Surrendered Since Denver Ban — Here’s Why

Democrat Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Trump, and People are Triggered

GOP State Senator: ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ are the ‘Only Thing’ That Can Stop Mass Shootings (VIDEO)

Dick’s, Walmart Decision to Stop Selling Assault Rifles to Those Under 21 is Probably Illegal

Please Stop Debating Gun Control and Read This First

Trump Shows Utter Cluelessness About Mental Illness, Says He Wants to ‘Nab’ People, Throw Them in Institutions

Dana Loesch Just Said the NRA Isn’t a Lobby Group. She’s Lying.

‘There’s Some Other Way’: Governor Comes Out Against Plan to Arm School Teachers

Only Five States Have ‘Red Flag’ Laws on Gun Removal

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