Bigots Predictably Misinterpret SCOTUS Ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop

California Bill Just Called Conversion Therapy ‘Fraud,’ and It’s Pretty Great

Mount Holyoke Women’s College Criticized for Instructing Professors Not to Refer to Students as ‘Women’

Elementary School Teacher Suspended After Mentioning She Has a Wife

26 Retired Military Officers Sign Statement Lambasting Trump’s Latest Transgender Ban

Federal Judge Demands Trump Turn Over Names of Transgender Ban Architects by Midnight

Churches File Lawsuit Requesting Ability to Discriminate Against LGBT Individuals

Same-Sex Couple, Barred From Being Foster Parents, Sues Trump Admin.

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Lawsuit: Sam’s Club Discriminated Against Transgender Worker

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