Gun Rights Group Loses Defamation Case Against Katie Couric Over Deceptively Edited Documentary

CBS Reaches Settlement with Women Who Accused Charlie Rose of Sexual Harassment

Joe Arpaio Sues News Media for $300 Million

New Lawsuit Seeks to Expose How Giuliani Knew in Advance That Comey Would Reopen Clinton Probe

Jerome Corsi Just Sued Robert Mueller for $350 Million

Woman’s Lawsuit Says She Spent Three Months in Jail After Cops Mistook Cotton Candy For Meth

’21st Century Animal House’: Lawsuit Alleges Dartmouth Profs Created Culture of Drinking, Drug Use, Sexual Assault

‘I Thought We Were All Done Going After Men’: GOP Lawmaker Reacts to Porn Director’s ‘Extortion’ Lawsuit

Lawsuit: DOJ Needs to Stop Denying Federal Inmates Attorney-Client Privileged Email

President Donald Trump Is Being Sued for ‘Retaliatory’ Acts, Threats Against the Press

Judge Rules DeLorean Widow’s Lawsuit Over Back to the Future Royalties Is a Thing of the Past

Lawsuits Claim Harvard, NYU Law Reviews Damage Themselves and Others by Favoring Minorities

Guys Who Law: NFL Collusion Against Kaepernick Would Be Very Hard to Prove

Sarah Palin’s Defamation Case Against NYTimes May Live On After Appellate Court Hearing

Video Game Giant Electronic Arts Hit with Lawsuit by Jacksonville Madden Tournament Shooting Victim

Tofurky and ACLU Sue Missouri Over So-Called ‘Fake Meat’ Law

Lawsuit Blasts Judge for Jailing Poor People Who Can’t Afford Court Fees

Judge Tosses Out Rod Wheeler’s Defamation Case Over Fox News Seth Rich Story

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Seth Rich’s Parents Brought Against Fox News

Police Accused of Using Fake Social Media Account to Spy On Black Community Activists

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