Walmart Sued for Wrongful Death After Allegedly Ignoring Employee’s COVID-19 Symptoms for Weeks

Transparency and Ethics Group Sues Fox News Alleging COVID-19 ‘Campaign of Deception’

Federal Judge Rules First Amendment Protects ‘Call of Duty’ from Trademark Infringement Claims

Lawsuit: Video Conferencing Service Everyone Is Using Right Now Violated Privacy, Consumer Protection Laws

Court Rules Against Trump’s Business in Fraud Case Stemming from Sale of Controversial Hotel

‘Tiger King’ Filed Lawsuit Over His Conviction in Carole Baskin Murder-for-Hire Plot

Federal Judge Cites Case of CNN’s Jim Acosta When Ruling Against Trump in Free Press Lawsuit

‘A Scofflaw in a Time of National Crisis’: Shareholder in Hotel Sues Sen. Burr Over Stock Dump

Larry Klayman Files $20 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Against China for ‘Creation and Release’ of COVID-19

New Hampshire Residents’ Lawsuit Claims Ban on Gatherings of 50-Plus Is Unconstitutional

Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Partner-in-Crime Sues His Estate, Wants Her Legal Bills Paid

China Sued for ‘Covering Up’ Coronavirus Pandemic in Its ‘Own Economic Self-Interest’

Massachusetts’ Highest Court Says Public Has a Right to Know About Arrests of Cops and Public Officials

Student Sues Textbook Publishers for Allegedly Conspiring to Rip Off Millions of Students

‘Devout’ Christian Accused Employer of Making Work a Living Hell. A Court Just Revived His Lawsuit.

Trump Campaign Lawsuit Spree Continues with Defamation Case Against CNN

U.S. Court to Hear Case Against Russian State TV Over ‘Defamatory’ Coverage of Murdered Dissident

Court Dismisses Tulsi Gabbard’s Lawsuit Against Google: ‘These Facts Could Never Give Rise to a First Amendment Claim’

19 State Attorneys General Accuse Trump Admin of ‘Unlawful and Unconstitutional Scheme’ to Build Border Wall

Trump Campaign Sues The Washington Post for Asking a Rhetorical Question

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