In Nightmare Scenario for Liberals, Former Brett Kavanaugh Clerk Is Next in Line for Crucial Judicial Nomination

Looks Like McConnell Wants GOP-Appointed Judges to Retire Now Because He Fears Trump Loss in 2020

Senate Dems Investigating Former Federalist Society Leader’s Influence Over Trump Admin’s Judicial Nominees

Progressives ‘Deeply Concerned’ Trump Will Appoint Third ‘Loyalist’ to Crucial D.C. Circuit

Federal Judges Association Moves Up April Meeting Because It ‘Could Not Wait’

Judge Who Blocked Release of Torture Report Will Replace Merrick Garland as Chief Judge

‘Rehabilitate a Sexual Predator’: Digital Ads to Trash Kavanaugh, Federalist Society

Schumer Is Really, Really Close To Destroying a Trump Judicial Nominee

Hearings Set for Trump Appeals Court Pick with History of ‘Mortifyingly Insensitive’ Comments

GOP Senator Says Justice Kennedy ‘Is Going to Retire’ This Summer, Predicts Replacement

New Study Shows Trump’s Judicial Picks Have Set Record for ‘No’ Votes

Two Trump Judicial Picks Not Moving Forward

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