Guys Who Law

The Mary Sue and Guys Who Law Talk the Disney/Sony Fight for Spider-Man

Area 51

Mueller Breaks His Silence & 1994 Crime Bill

These Guys Calculated How Many Crimes Were Committed In GOT ‘The Long Night’ Under US Law

The Full Mueller Report Comes Out

Guys Who Law: Democrats Going After Trump’s Tax Returns is ‘Absolutely Political’

Former Officer: You Can “Absolutely” Fake A Polygraph Test

Sports Betting With 3 Man Weave

Harvard & Frats

Dad’s Episode

Michael Cohen Guilty Plea, Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong, & Weird Laws In Scotland

Guys Who Law: What’s Antarctica’s Law On Attempted Murder?

Michael Avenatti, Tekashi 6ix9ine, & Antarctic Scientist

Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice of “Thinking Like a Lawyer”

Guys Who Law: “Only A Third Of Millennials Are Actually Going To Vote”

Election Day, Ryan Phillippe, & the World Series

The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, Canadian Marijuana Users Ban, and Man Bunned Protester

Rosenstein Wire Comment, Women On CA Boards, & Monkey Driver

Guys Who Law: Cosby Prosecutor – “When He Laughed, I Became Immediately Enraged”

Cosby Prosecutor

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