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First Amendment

Remember Those Voter Cages? Turns Out, That Was Russian Meddling

One Particularly Offensive Tweet About Islam Just Doomed Trump’s Latest Muslim Ban

Warrant Issued For Professor Who Refused To Speak English

Mississippi Dem Tries to Force School Kids to Recite Ten Commandments

It Sure Looks Like Trump Broke the Law When He Kicked Out CNN’s Jim Acosta

ACLU Threatens Public Schools For Running Bible Courses ‘More Like Sunday School’

Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier, And He Actually Has Good Case

Why There Is Absolutely No Way Trump Can Block Publication Of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury

Trump’s Threatened Defamation Suit Against Bannon is Another Legal Loser

Judge Tosses Case Against Student For Using ‘Explicitly Racist’ Language

Art Teacher Fired For Showing Students Classical Nude Paintings

Proposed Law Would Give Refunds to Football Fans Offended by Kneeling NFL Players

Teenage Girl Facing Child Porn Charges for Sexting Teenage Boy

Anti-Trump Inauguration Protesters Found Not Guilty of Inciting Riots

College Student in Hot Water with University After Posting Pro-Kate Steinle Posters

Iowa Judge Blocks Newspaper From Reporting Legally-Obtained Court Records

NY Gov: ISPs Should Track People Who Search For Bomb-Making Info, Censor Websites

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

Father Arrested After Stepchild Turns in Homework with Violent Drawing

ICE Agents Reportedly Hunted Down An Immigrant For Speaking To The Press

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