First Amendment

Hollywood Reporter Sr. Editor Trolls New York Times over ‘Hate Speech’ Legal Blunder

Chelsea Manning Files Appeal to Get Out of Jail, Argues Judge Didn’t Actually ‘Consider the Evidence’

‘Directly into His Pocket’: Ted Cruz Sues FEC in Order to Pay Himself Back with Money from Donors

‘I’ll Be the Tiebreaker’: Texas Judge Considers Striking Down Pro-Israel Pledge

Flint Mother Scores Legal Victory Against Celebrity Water Scientist Who Sued Her for Defamation

‘Go Back to Mexico’: Teacher Rants at Fifth Grader Who Refuses to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Court Rules Against Christian Student Who Complained She Had to Learn About Islam in High School

‘We Have Turned Away From God’: Police Department Says Embrace of Satan Caused Increase in Killings

CAIR Files First Amendment Lawsuit Against Texas After Teacher Fired for Refusing Pro-Israel Pledge

Driver’s Anti-Trump ‘LOKHMUP’ License Plate Ruled ‘Derogatory’ by Texas DMV

Texas Cops Confiscate Anti-Republican Yard Sign After Threatening Property Owner

‘Unconstitutional on its Face’: Judge Slaps Down Nearly 100-Year-Old Gun Law in California

‘Get ‘Em Out of Here’: Court Says First Amendment Protects Trump in Protester Lawsuit

Hospital Suspends Non-Vaxxer Nurse After She Posts About Witnessing Measles Attack

Federal Judge Rules Feeding the Homeless Is Legal Because, Yes, it Needed to Be Said

The ACLU Just Sided With the NRA, and It Was Totally Correct

No, Omarosa Cannot Sue Trump for Those ‘Defamatory’ Tweets

‘She Was Being Attacked’: Teacher’s Reaction to Teen’s NRA Shirt Ticked Off the Wrong Mom

Sheriff, Small-Town Editor Face Off After Drowning

Subpoena for Anonymous Messaging App Records Could Out ‘Unite the Right’ Organizers

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