First Amendment

Texas Sheriff Going After Pickup Truck Owner With ‘F**k’ Trump Bumpersticker

FBI Takes Next Step in Trump Administration’s War On Planned Parenthood

Taylor Swift Sends Legal Threat to Blogger Who Asked Her To Denounce The Alt-Right

Georgia Schools Bar High School Coaches And Staff From Praying With Students

Amtrak Makes ‘Frighteningly Authoritarian’ Mistake With Hillary Supporter, And It Could Cost Them

Roger Stone Threatens Legal Action Against Twitter for Suspending Him

Florida Deploys SWAT Teams To Protect White Supremacist’s Speech

ABA Legal Fact Check: Can Television Networks Lose Their Licenses Based on Their News Reports?

Students Stage Walk Out After Teacher Tells Them To ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)

Supreme Court Backs Push To Remove Ten Commandments Monument

Kansas Teacher Barred From Training Because She Boycotts Israel

Trump’s Attacks On The First Amendment Don’t Remotely Compare To Bush’s (Or Obama’s)

Federal Judge Strikes Down Tax-Free Housing For Clergy

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down ACLU Freedom of Speech Event (WATCH)

Democratic Socialists Offer Help To Student Athletes Forced To Stand For National Anthem

School District Shuts Down Student-Led Prayer on Loudspeaker After Legal Threat

School Lowered Student’s Grades, Refused Recommendations Because She’s Atheist, Lawsuit Says

Protesters Banned At Jeff Sessions Lecture On Free Speech

Anti-Fascist Professor Suspended For Tweeting About Teaching ‘Future Dead Cops’

Hulk Hogan Lawyer Now Suing Jezebel for Defamation

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