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There Are More Men Than Women in ‘Women For Kavanaugh’ Photo

Roy Moore Defends Brett Kavanaugh Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Gets the Kavanaugh Allegations (and the Law) Very Wrong

President Donald Trump Unleashes Most Brutal Tirade Against Jeff Sessions Yet

Kavanaugh Saying ‘What Happens at Georgetown Prep, Stays at Georgetown Prep’ Hasn’t Aged Well (VIDEO)

Jeff Fager’s First Amendment Award Revoked by Quinnipiac University

George Papadopoulos’ Wife Shares ‘Amazing’ Photo to Suggest Her Husband Was Framed

No Kidding: Budding 3-Year-Old Narc Points Trooper to the Weed During Stop

Cory Booker’s ‘Spartacus Moment’ Didn’t Even Happen

‘Good Job Jeff’: Trump Sarcastically Chides Sessions for Charging GOP Reps Before Mid-Terms

Prosecutors Want Judge to Issue Embarrassing Rebuke of Alleged Russian Spy’s Lawyer

‘I Can’t Kill These People’: Trump Is Reportedly Bullying Canada in NAFTA Talks

Elon Musk Was Slapped with Legal Threat Before Daring Man He Called ‘Pedo’ to Sue

Manafort’s Attorneys Just Cut-and-Pasted an Argument They’ve Already Lost

Trump’s Snitches Can’t Be Trusted Claim Already Popped Up in a Random Courtroom

Special Counsel Files Blatantly Inaccurate Motion in Russian Troll Farm Case

Trump Admin: President Trump Intervened in Plan to Rebuild FBI HQ Across From Trump Hotel

Rudy Giuliani Implicitly Called Fake Lawyer in Savage Twitter Burn

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Pummels the ‘President’ — Again

#TBT: Ted Cruz Says Trump Planted ‘Mistresses’ Story at the National Enquirer

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