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Teacher Told Not to Come Back After Thanking Students Who Recited Pledge of Allegiance

Trump to Antonin Scalia’s Widow: Wow, You Guys Sure Had a Lot of Sex

Fox Anchor Botches Discussion of Acosta Ruling, Totally Misses the Point

Mitch McConnell Trotted Out a Brand New Op-Ed and All Anyone Could Think of Was Merrick Garland

Putin Kindly Informs the DNC He Is Immune from All Things — Even if Russia Did Hack Emails

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Really, Really Doesn’t Like Same-Sex Marriage

‘Invalid’: Brian Kemp Had Some Serious … Issues While Trying to Cast a Vote for Himself

Judge T.S. Ellis Is Back and Ready to Haunt Paul Manafort’s Suit-Wearing Dreams

President Trump Keeps Repeating the Most Ridiculous Lie About Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet Contains Subtle, Inadvertent Self-Own

The Internet Thinks it Found the Way to Make Brett Kavanaugh Care About Climate Change is Now a Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

Senate Judiciary Committee Twitter Rips Chuck Schumer’s Request for FBI to ‘Brief’ Senate

Bill Cosby’s Publicist Says His Client is Victim of ‘Sex War’ Like Brett Kavanaugh

Critics Slam Kavanaugh for ‘Cutting Off’ Wife When She’s Asked About Possible FBI Investigation

There Are More Men Than Women in ‘Women For Kavanaugh’ Photo

Roy Moore Defends Brett Kavanaugh Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Gets the Kavanaugh Allegations (and the Law) Very Wrong

President Donald Trump Unleashes Most Brutal Tirade Against Jeff Sessions Yet

Kavanaugh Saying ‘What Happens at Georgetown Prep, Stays at Georgetown Prep’ Hasn’t Aged Well (VIDEO)

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