Conservative Columnist Promotes Debunked Story About Non-Citizens Voting in Texas

Trump Wants Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sued ‘Maybe for Treason,’ Which Definitely Isn’t a Thing

DOJ Insists It’s Not ‘Stonewalling’ Congress in Filing Expressing Intent to Stonewall Congress

Critics Question Authenticity of Situation Room Photo of Trump Watching Baghdadi Raid

Trump Handed Awkward Defeat by Heavily Criticized DOJ Office of Legal Counsel

Peaceful Protesters Say Facebook Booted Them From So-Called ‘Free Expression’ Event

Donald Trump Jr. Scores an Own Goal, Mocks Hunter Biden for Admitting His Father’s Name Helped Him Get Places in Life

Rudy Giuliani Likes Fox News Poll Tweet Showing Record Support for Trump’s Impeachment

Trump Suddenly Worries About Presidents Having ‘Extraordinary Powers’

Whistleblower’s Source, a White House Official, Said Trump’s Ukraine Call Was ‘Frightening’ and ‘Crazy’

Rep. Devin Nunes Makes the Case for Trump’s Impeachment During Botched Interview

Office of Trump Appointee That Handled Whistleblower Complaint Debunks Conspiracy Theory

Report: Rudy Giuliani Worked With Fox News Legal Guests on Secret Project to Dig Up Ukraine Dirt on Joe Biden

Twitter Users Destroy Ben Shapiro After He Demands to Know What Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Looks Like

Chinese Woman Who Allegedly Lied Her Way Into Mar-a-Lago Criticized by Judge for Choice of Clothes

Fed. Judge Slams FBI’s ‘Mulligan’ in CNN’s James Comey Memo Litigation

Freudian Slip? William Barr Says Trump Gave Don McGahn an ‘Obstruction’

Kellyanne Conway Seems to Have Forgotten That Robert Mueller Indicted Michael Flynn

Devin Nunes’ Lawyer Embarrassingly Claims Someone Has Been Bolding Tweets to Defame His Client

Judge Trolls Sports Talk Radio Host Craig Carton Before Sentencing Him to 3.5 Years in Prison

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