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Woman Formerly Known as Rachel Dolezal Has Responded to Welfare Fraud Charges Against Her

Judge Orders Kris Kobach to Take Remedial Legal Classes After Multiple Courtroom Blunders

Tucker Carlson Seems to Think You Shouldn’t Be Behind Bars if You’re 69

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Strikes Again

Elizabeth Smart Slams Kidnapper Wanda Barzee After She ‘Refuses’ to Appear at Parole Hearing

Trump Judge Ripped For Getting Facts From Internet After Saying Plaintiff ‘Trolled the Web’

Trump Admin Has Zero Percent Success Rate in Prosecution of Anti-Trump Protesters

Bill O’Reilly Slams Trump’s Legal Team: ‘I am Perplexed…Button It!’

NRA’s Dana Loesch: Saying ‘Mass Shootings’ is Unfair Because No One Says ‘Mass Knifings’

Lawyer Who Said He’d Call ICE on Spanish Speakers Apologizes, Says He’s ‘Not Racist’

Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn Tweets Glowing Words About Santa Fe Shooter

Trump Slammed Clinton For Taking Saudi Money, While Trump Jr. Went to Saudi Prince For Help Beating Clinton

Republican ‘Deportation Bus’ Candidate Banned From Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Racist Lawyer Once Accused American Man of Being ‘Foreigner’ on Video

Fox News Guest: U.S. Constitution’s Three-Fifths Compromise Gave ‘Humanhood to Black People’

Fmr Federal Prosecutor: Rudy Giuliani is Confused About the Extent of Mueller’s Investigation

Hey NBC, Read Up on the BIG Difference Between Pen Registers and Wiretaps

Trump Reportedly Ignored Advice About Calling Cohen, Could Feds Have Listened In? (UPDATED)

Prominent Liberal Pundit Seems to Think Kanye West Works for the Kremlin

Here’s The New Sign That Michael Cohen Will Flip on Trump

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