‘Like Justice Scalia, But Without the Wit’: Trump-Appointed Judge, 41, Criticized for Trollish Bump Stock Opinion

Reporter Asks McConnell Why There Was No Public Debate on Largest Bill in U.S. History. He Says, ‘Do You Work Here?’

N.C. Attorney General Calls for Federal Investigation of GOP Senator’s Stock Sell-Off

#Burrisma Trends After Virtually Everyone Agrees Sen. Burr’s Explanation Didn’t Add Up

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trashes President Trump While Asking Judge to Let Convicted Felon Go Home

‘Dude, at Least Try’: ‘Marshall Law’ Trends After Marco Rubio Tweets About It

Matt Gaetz Says Andrew Gillum Was ‘Methed-Out’ After Police Report on Miami Incident

‘Brutal FOIA Opinion’ Shreds DOJ for Being Worse at Video Editing Than Snapchat Users

George W. Bush-Appointed Judge Isn’t Taking Barr’s Word for It, Will Review Mueller Report Redactions Himself

Trump Says Jeff Sessions’ Senate Race Runoff Is What Happens When You Allow a Witch Hunt

Treasury Dept. Dismisses House Democrat’s Inquiry, Tells Him Not to Expect Response to ‘Further Tantrums’

Newspaper Sparks Outrage by Crediting Lisa Bloom for Taking Down Harvey Weinstein

Sotomayor Critic Ted Cruz Used to Love Injunctions—When They Targeted Obama

Acting DHS Deputy Secretary’s Coronavirus Tweet Panned: ‘Our Incompetent Government Will Kill Us All’

5 Times Liberals Embarrassed Themselves by Associating with Harvey Weinstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Can’t Pay Electric Bills, Desperately Asks Court to Step in

Ad on School Bus Circling London Urges Prince Andrew to Call FBI, Reveal Truth About Jeffrey Epstein

Obama National Security Advisor Suggests Bolton ‘Shamefully’ Violated Oath to Defend Constitution

Powerpoint Slides Feature Avenatti Describing How It Feels to Hold ‘the Balls of the Client in Your Hand’

Lawyer Who Prosecuted Child Molester Jerry Sandusky Has Law License Suspended for a Year

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