2020 Election

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes Off on Conservative Majority for Jeopardizing Voters’ Safety Amid Pandemic

Federal Court Tosses Florida’s Poll Tax; Formerly Incarcerated People Can Vote in 2020

Trump Says GOP Would Never Win Again if Democrats’ Voting Provisions Made It into Stimulus Bill

Democratic Primary Voters Are Outraged About DNC Ignoring CDC Guidelines

Jonathan Turley: Biden’s Pledge to Appoint a Black Woman to the Supreme Court Is ‘Unconstitutional Discrimination’

TV Station Broadcasts Biden-Sanders Results Day Before Election

‘Sundowning’ Frontrunner: Activists Question Biden’s ‘Cognitive Decline’

Legal Experts Question Legality of Bloomberg’s Plan to Back Biden with His ‘Big Machine’

Massive Voter Suppression in Texas Primary Likened to ‘Poll Tax’

Former Executive: Mike Bloomberg Regularly Demeaned Women in the Workplace in the 2010s

Elizabeth Warren Super PAC Run by Former ‘Oil Advocacy Group’ Frontman

Mike Bloomberg Mocked Opioid Crisis Victims for Dying: ‘Not a Good Family’

Bloomberg Campaign Blames Bernie Sanders for ‘Oligarch’ Graffiti on Chicago Office

Chris Matthews: Democratic Establishment Would Prefer Trump to Bernie Sanders

‘Are You F***ing Kidding?’: Outrage After Nevada Dems Invite Candidate Reps to Act as Precinct Chairs

National Security Experts Dismiss ‘Hysteria Over Russia’ Allegedly Supporting Bernie Sanders

Bloomberg Says He’s Willing to Release 3 Women from Non-Disclosure Agreements

Bloomberg and Biden Falsely Took Credit for Ending Stop and Frisk, Says Retired Federal Judge Who Ended It

Bloomberg Campaign Using ‘Absurd’ Non-Disclosure Agreement Pioneered by Trump Campaign

FEC Complaint Accuses Buttigieg Campaign of Unlawful Coordination with Super PAC

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