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SCOTUS Will Hear Case Over Whether ‘FUCT’ Is Too Scandalous to Be Trademarked

It’s Been 25 Years Since the Lorena Bobbitt Case, And We’re Still Getting It Wrong

Pelosi Just Said Trump Could Be Indictable. She’s Right.

NBC’s ‘Vaginal Steaming’ New Year’s Segment Aired Same Day They Took Hit for Not Being Educational Enough

Lawyer Calls Opposing Counsel A ‘Bitch,’ Says It’s Cool Because Trump Insults People

Giuliani Says Trump Moscow Letter is ‘Bulls–t.’ Once Again, He’s Wrong.

Sarah Sanders Seems to Have Forgotten That Conservatives Are Supposed to Support Law Enforcement

What Actually Happens in a ‘Government Shutdown’?

Trump’s SNL Tweet Proves He Understands Neither Defamation Nor ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Delivered Quite A Blow to Obamacare

Trump’s Tweetstorm About Cohen Proves Once Again How Little He Knows About the Law

Trump Makes Three Pretty Offensive Arguments in SCOTUS Appeal on Asylum Ban

SCOTUS Could Protect Trump From Prosecution, But Not Even Kavanaugh Looks Like He’ll Vote To Do It

Can Federal Employees Discuss Impeachment? Office of Special Counsel Tries to Explain Rules, Confuses Things More

A Trump Pardon Would Only Screw Manafort Even More

DC Judge Rules It’s Totally Cool For Trump to Use Presidency to Promote His Own Hotel

Trump’s Idiotic Twitter Battle With Chief Justice Roberts Gets One Step Closer to Impeachment

Gorsuch & Sotomayor Join Forces in Very Scalia-Like Dissent in Drunk Driving Case

‘The Clinton Affair’ Begins to Give Monica Lewinsky Some Long Overdue Justice

Top Five Reasons to Loathe Betsy DeVos Today

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