‘I Never Once Got Piss-Tested On Deployment’: SEAL Team 10 Members Test Positive For Cocaine

After Police Raid ‘Illegal Strip Club,’ N.C. Man Says Wife and Daughter Used Pole in ‘Man Cave’ to Exercise

Dad Sentenced After 13-Year-Old Daughter Drank 17 Shots of Vodka

Video Shows Officers Taking Alleged Wine Sippy Cup from 5-Year-Old in Car: ‘I Think That’s Not for You’

Police Say They Removed Drunk Pilot Off Plane Just Prior to Takeoff

College President Bans Drinking One Day After Making Top ‘Party Schools’ List

Mother Dodges Jail Time for Hosting ‘Naked Teen Twister Party’

Prosecutor Fires Back About Controversial Plea Deal For Former College Student Accused of Two Rapes

U.S. Navy Bans Alcohol After String of Alleged Crimes

New NYC Guidelines Say Bartenders Can No Longer Refuse to Serve Pregnant Women

Man Allegedly Had Oral Sex With Unconscious 16-Year-Old, and Court Said It’s OK

Attorneys, You Have a Drinking Problem: Study

Alcohol Smuggler Caught with Pants Down, Literally

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