Law&Crime Network Announces First International Basic Cable Partner with REV 

Fmr FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intel: Giuliani Just ‘Threw Trump Under the Bus’

Law&Crime Network Announces Further OTT International Expansion Into Canada and UK

Daily Debrief July 2nd, 2019

Law&Crime Network Launches Its 24/7 Live Programming On Comcast’s Xfinity X1 And Xfinity Flex And Samsung Smart TVs

‘He Will Understand My Dilemma With the Corrupt’ DOJ: Whistleblower Seeks Pardon From Trump

Abuse Victims Call for ‘Holy Week’ Atonement by the Catholic Church

Mueller Report Flatly Contradicts Barr’s Claim That Trump Cooperated

Daily Debrief January 28th, 2019

The Carlton & Kevin Spacey Allegations

Ten Women Who Changed Criminal Justice in 2018

Trump Makes Three Pretty Offensive Arguments in SCOTUS Appeal on Asylum Ban

Two Charges Dropped Against Making a Murderer Attorney, But Stalking Accusation Remains

Rick Gates’ Former Lawyers Are Now Suing Him for $368,000 in Unpaid Bills

Law & Crime Content Now Available on NBC Universal WatchBack App

Kanye Just Tweeted That We Should Undo the 13th Amendment

Alleged Mistress Claims Ex-Trump Aide Secretly Drugged Her with ‘Abortion Pill’

An Appellate Court Just Said It’s Okay for Cops to Hide Video Evidence That Would Show Defendants’ Innocence

Please Stop Comparing the Kavanaugh Scandal to Anita Hill

ICE Officer Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse of Young Girl

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