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Remember Those Voter Cages? Turns Out, That Was Russian Meddling

School Massacre Defense Lawyer is Desperately Trying to Take Death Off the Table

7 Key Takeaways From DOJ’s Massive Indictment Alleging Russian U.S. Election Interference

FBI Dropped the Ball on Parkland, Florida School Shooting Investigation, Report Says

Fmr. Fox News ‘Bigot’ Headlined Women’s Leadership Forum, Group Says

Man With ‘DIRTBAG’ Vanity Plate Arrested After ‘Series of Bad Decisions’

Police Investigate Suspicious White Powder at Barack Obama’s Office

WATCH LIVE: Cherish Perrywinkle Murder Trial Day 1

Rachel Brand Just Outmaneuvered President Trump

A Common Legal Maneuver Just Totally Backfired on the Kushner Companies

‘Grant Me 5 Minutes in a Locked Room with This Demon’: Father Attacks Larry Nassar at Sentencing Hearing (WATCH)

Justice Gorsuch Gets Majorly Trolled For His Hardcore #SOTU ‘Impartial’ Face

Trump’s Attempt at Firing Mueller Just Made Obstruction Case Even Stronger

Mississippi Dem Tries to Force School Kids to Recite Ten Commandments

Nelly Rape Accuser Asks Judge To Issue Injunction Against Nelly’s Penis

Justice Thomas Wrote About Thongs, Strippers and Lap Dances and His Opinion Only Gets Better

Here’s What You Need to Know About The Government Shutdown that May Be Coming

It Sure Looks Like Trump Broke the Law When He Kicked Out CNN’s Jim Acosta

Liberals, Please Get a Grip, and Stop Saying Trump Should Be Impeached For Saying ‘Shithole’

‘He Was on Top of Me Biting My Lip’: Juanita Broaddrick’s New Book Describes in Detail Alleged Rape By Bill Clinton

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