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One on One with Author and FBI Agent, Jeffrey Rinek

Guys Who Law: NFL Collusion Against Kaepernick Would Be Very Hard to Prove

Kavanaugh Part II, Kaepernick, and Crack Pipe Dispensers

Cohengate and Manafortgate

Omarosa, Fake Diplomas, and Drinking While Parking

Ohio State/Urban Meyer Trouble and Alex Jones Update

One on One with Dr. William H. Reid: Aurora Mass Shooter Psychiatrist

3D Guns and Reporting Co-Worker’s Crimes

One on One with Julio Briones

Trump/Cohen Tapes and Airbnb Regulation

An Examination of ‘The Staircase’: One on One with David Rudolf

Treason, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Nose Biting

Alan Dershowitz Talks Impeachment and The Russia Probe

Kavanaugh and Weed Laws

Special July 4th Episode with ‘Making A Murderer’s’ Aaron Keller

SCOTUS Decision on Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey

One on One with James Clapper and Ken Bensinger

North Korea and Lemonade Stands

Not Your Typical Meet Cute

Gay Couple Cake Case and 30-Year-Old Evicted by Parents

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