SCOTUS’ Upcoming Transgender Rights Decision Could Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Shouldn’t Prosecutors Be All Over Epstein’s Lawyers?

Don’t Blame President Trump: Netanyahu’s Ban was Based on Israeli Law!

Dems Try to ‘Game System’ with Requests About McGahn, Mueller Grand Jury…. They Lost

Trump Admin. Has Released Its Latest Bid At Using Religious Exemption Against the LGBTQ Community

Sorry, Trump: New York’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Doesn’t Let You Take Chris Cuomo’s Guns

Pan American Games Contract Correctly Deals with Athletes Who Kneel During Anthem

McCabe Just Filed ANOTHER Lawsuit. It’ll Go Nowhere Fast.

Trump Names Maguire Acting DNI. The Appointment May Violate Federal Law.

Trump-Inspired Defense in County Fair Attack Sets Dangerous Precedent

Congress Should Punish Rep. Castro for Doxxing Trump Campaign Supporters

Arkansas Judge Smacks Down Trio of Restrictive Abortion Laws, This Time Indefinitely

The Constitutional Issues With California’s Presidential Tax Return Law

Despite Procedural Win, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Has a Snowball’s Chance

Trump Whines About Shootings During Obama’s “Reign.” Twitter Does Not Disappoint.

NY Times Apparently Thinks There Are Some Good White Supremacists

Hot Car Deaths in the Bronx: When the Line Between Tragedy and Criminality Blurs

If a Judge ‘Rubber Stamps’ Dems’ Mueller Grand Jury Info Demand, Significant Danger May Follow

Bathroom Bigots Lose in North Carolina, Once and For All

Ken Starr’s Blatantly Hypocritical Criticism of Robert Mueller’s ‘Partisan’ Team

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