When SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments in DACA Case, They’re Going to Notice Who’s at the Counsel Table

President Trump Confirms He Plans on Calling Any Transcript He Doesn’t Like ‘Fake’

Liberal Court-Packing Group’s Call for Brett Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself Was a Hypocritical Publicity Stunt

Is Trump Sending John Bolton Some Kind of Secret Message?

Bizarre ‘No Stevie Nicks’ Contract Clause Takes Center Stage in NYC Legal Dispute

Can Schools Be So Bad That They Violate the U.S. Constitution? A Court Is Set to Decide

WSJ Columnist’s Attempt to Drum Up Support for Lori Loughlin Was Pretty Cringeworthy

Joe Arpaio Tried to Sue CNN Because Chris Cuomo Falsely Called Him a Felon. He Failed Miserably.

The Seventh Circuit Just Told SCOTUS It Can Clean Up Its Own Mess on Abortion Issue

Bernie Sanders Donors Lose Case Alleging DNC ‘Improperly Tipped the Scales’ in Favor of Hillary Clinton

WSJ Editorial Board Argued Trump Shouldn’t Be Impeached for Being ‘Inept,’ and It Didn’t Go Well

Rose McGowan Is Trying to Take Down Prominent Liberal Attorneys for Representing Harvey Weinstein

Massachusetts Democrat Proposes Inane Bill to Make It Illegal to Call Someone a ‘Bitch’

9th Circuit Upholds No Fly List Criteria, Despite Being Based on Predicting Crimes That May Happen

Ethics Watchdog Calls for Twitter to Suspend Kellyanne Conway for Constantly Violating the Hatch Act

Some in the Military Are Apparently ‘Afraid’ That If They Discipline Wrongdoers Trump Will Retaliate

Rudy Giuliani ‘Power-Lawyered’ His Way into Some Serious Legal Trouble

Trump’s Threat to Schiff and Pelosi: Impeach Them (Can’t Happen), Sue Them (Even Though It’s Frivolous)

NJ Firefighters Fly Trump 2020 Flag, Break Federal Law to Own the Libs

Trump Shamelessly Breaks Promise, Obviously Infringes on Copyright by Playing ‘Purple Rain’ at Rally

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