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Top Five Reasons to Loathe Betsy DeVos Today

Remember When Michael Avenatti Called Donald Trump a ‘Disgusting Misogynist’?

Melania Trump Should Really Stop Talking About Mira Ricardel Before She Gets Sued

CNN Lawsuit’s Version of Jim Acosta Incident Is Fake News

PA County Fights to Keep Cross on Official Government Seal, Says Cross Means ‘History,’ not Christianity

The Republican Party Is Fundraising Off of Trump’s Election Fraud Conspiracy Theory

Trump Explodes When Asked the Matthew Whitaker Question Everyone Already Knows the Answer to

Here’s What Happens if Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Fires Robert Mueller at Trump’s Command

Could This Be Why President Trump Suddenly Sent Jeff Sessions Packing?

President Donald Trump Comically Claimed His Tax Returns Are Unknowable and Got Torn Apart for it

Alabama Just Voted to Give the Unborn More Rights Than Actual Women

Yes, Dems Won the House; No, Trump Isn’t Going to Be Impeached Now

Parents of Transgender Teens Tried Suing a Judge for Discrimination, But ‘Judicial Immunity’ Prevailed

Top 7 Falsehoods and Distortions Uttered During Trump’s ‘Migrant Caravan’ Announcement

Alleged Mueller Sex Assault Hoaxster Jacob Wohl: ‘My Default Is Not to Believe Women’

SCOTUS Asks Trump Admin What It Thinks About Border Patrol Guards Shooting Mexican Children

Trump Says He’s Going to End Birthright Citizenship. His Own Judicial Picks Could Stand in His Way.

Synagogue Shooting Suspect’s Social Media Site Complains It’s ‘Under Attack,’ Gets Free Speech Very Wrong

Justice Kagan Makes Bold Suggestion for the Future of the Supreme Court, and She’s Totally Right

Once Again, NBC Sits On Story Related to Sexual Misconduct Until After It Matters

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