AG Barr Uses State Secrets Privilege to Combat Twitter Lawsuit, Pits National Security vs. First Amendment

SCOTUS Just Handed NY a New Way to Win the Census Citizenship Question Case Against Wilbur Ross

Trump’s Absurd Tweetstorm on Mueller Probe Raises the Question: What Is He Afraid Of?

Liberals, Please Stop Rejoicing Over ‘Testicular Bill of Rights.’ It Doesn’t Help The Fight For Reproductive Freedom.

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump ‘Isn’t Worth’ Impeaching, and She’s Dead Wrong

Trump Just Told Republican Lawmakers to Ignore the Constitution

Make No Mistake, Stormy Daniels Won Her Case and it’s Because of Michael Avenatti

Rosenstein Appears to Take Thinly Disguised Shot at Trump in One of His Last Acts as Deputy AG

Kavanaugh Statement in Religious Freedom Case Appears to Prove the Naysayers All Wrong

In Attempting to Bury Trump, Michael Cohen May Have Inadvertently Exonerated Him

Donald Trump Jr.’s Fox News Performance Was a Laughably Weak Response to Mueller

House Puts GOP Senators in Career-Defining Moment with Resolution Against Emergency Declaration

The Vatican’s Written Policy on Handling Children Fathered by Priests Is a Legal Landmine

Jussie Smollett Is In a Tough Spot, But So Are His Lawyers

Trump Keeps Tweeting About the ‘Illegal’ Mueller Probe, Which Can Mean Only One Thing

Trump Wants SNL ‘Looked Into’; If He Does Take Action, NBC Would Be the Ones Laughing

If Jussie Smollett’s Attack was a Hoax, He Could Be In Some Serious Legal Trouble

Why Trump Can Legally Use Emergency Powers to Build Wall

The Vilification of Matthew Whitaker Turned Out to Be the Real Witch Hunt

Singer Ryan Adams Has Total Meltdown over NY Times #MeToo Allegations, Deletes Legal Threat

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