Reversing Bail Reform: It’ll Soon Be Easier to Lock Up New Yorkers Than It Has Been in Decades

Trump Admin Goes Full Puritan, Excludes Sex-Related Business from COVID-19 Financial Aid

Texas Just Tried to Use COVID-19 to Stop Most Abortions, And Its Reasoning Is Totally Absurd

Defiant Staten Island Newlyweds and Their Church Could Face Legal Consequences

The Trump Admin Should Be Talking Loudly About These Health Laws — Right Now

Coronavirus Proves What We Knew All Along: Too Many People Are Prosecuted for BS Offenses

Trump’s SCOTUS ‘Win’ on Remain-in-Mexico Policy Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Coronavirus Is Spreading and Lawmakers Can’t Get Their Sh*t Together

Ninth Circuit Hands Led Zeppelin a Win, Finally Nixing Idiotic Copyright Rule

Trump Makes Totally Disingenuous Argument in Rape Accuser’s Defamation Case

Federal Court Rules YouTube Can Give Preferential Treatment to Liberal Content

Federal Judges Association Caused Even More Confusion with Email Denying ‘Emergency’ Meeting About Trump

Alabama Lawmaker’s Troll Job Bill Requiring Vasectomies Is Clearly Unconstitutional

Don’t Be Surprised if AG Barr Himself Advises Trump to Pardon Stone, Flynn and Others

Another Round of Trump v. NY: New Yorkers Lose Expedited Travel Ability Due to ‘Green Light Law’

DOJ’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Aid Workers Giving Water to Migrants in Desert Fall Flat

WSJ Editorial Board on Bolton Book Details: It Doesn’t Matter and the ‘Timing Is Kavanaugh-esque’

Kavanaugh: No Tax Break for Religious Scholarships Is ‘Grotesque Religious Bigotry Against Catholics’

The Wrongful Impeachment of President Trump

The Problem with Democrats’ Demands of White House Counsel Pat Cipollone

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