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Yes #TreasonSummit, There’s Legal Basis For Impeaching Trump Now

Federal Judge Creates Huge First Amendment Problem By Forcing LA Times to Change Story

Trump is on a Thin Line With the Law and CNN’s Jim Acosta

Rod Rosenstein’s Words About New Indictment Actually Raise Way More Questions

Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination Has to be the Fight of Our Lives

What Happens When a Civilian ‘Flips the Bird’ at the Police

Prosecutor Shows Pictures of Wife’s Vagina To Secretary, Iowa Supreme Court Rules He Can Keep His Job

Trump’s Slow-Walk of Reunification Order May Mean Separated Families Can Sue Individual ICE Agents

What Dems Won’t Tell You: Kavanaugh’s ‘Radical’ Stance on Not Indicting Presidents Has Been DOJ’s View for 45 Years

Kavanaugh Tries to Praise Trump, Ends up Saying Something Totally False

The One Thing That Shows Brett Kavanaugh Is the Clear Choice as Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

CNN Profile of Female Supreme Court Finalist Leads with How Many Children She Has

Here’s Why Trump’s Latest Hire, Bill Shine, is a Major Legal Liability

Alan Dershowitz Versus Alan Dershowitz: The Field Guide

New SCOTUS Case Has Potential To Shield Trump From Prosecution

Clueless Chicago Jury Totally Fouls Up Police Shooting Verdict

So, Liberals, Which Is it: Mueller Probe Needs to Drag on Forever or End Right Now?

Here’s Who Wins and Gets Screwed Now That Justice Kennedy is Retiring

Justice Anthony Kennedy (A Huge Coward Himself) Lectures Trump on Civility

Clarence Thomas Weirdly Compares California to Third Reich, Sides With Pro-Lifers

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