Christmas Eve Miracle: Family Rescued From Snow-Drenched Rocky Mountains

Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop for Traffic Violation, Realizes That’s the Same Officer Who Delivered Him at Birth

Iowa Town Offering Free Property to Anyone Willing to Build and Pay Taxes

Disabled 69-Year-Old Texas Veteran Fights Back Against Car-Jacker (WATCH)

Mosque Forgives Vandal Who Spray Painted Swastikas, Pays Off His Debts

Intense Video Shows Cops Rescuing Teens from Burning Car (WATCH)

Cop Punches Through Frozen Pond to Save Boy on Christmas

Officer Saves Christmas by Delivering Gifts to 13-Year-Old Girl

Ex-NFL Quarterback Wanted To Give Angry Fans’ Tickets To Veterans; They Burned Them Instead

Cop Delights 92-Year-Old Woman with Dance, Video Goes Viral (WATCH)

This 94-Year-Old Former Judge Did Something Amazing For Local Kids

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