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Football Player Allegedly Murdered Pregnant Cheerleader, Left Body in Dumpster

Making a Murderer Attorney Found Not Guilty of Stalking Court Clerk

James Edward Geran Pleads Guilty to Murdering ‘Business Partner,’ Girlfriend’s Mother Right Before Trial

White Ivy League Student Spews Racist Rant at Students of Color

This Might Be the Only Way Trump Can Avoid Criminal Charges

Accused Murder Repeatedly Yells at Top of Lungs in Bizarre Court Appearance (WATCH)

Former Miss Kentucky Sent ‘Obscene Photographs’ to 15-Year-Old Student, Deputies Say

Prosecutors Could Bring Charges Against Trump If He Loses 2020 Race, Report Says

Man Protested ‘Fake’ Santa Claus at Church, Police Say

Grieving Parents Recall Shanann Watts Expressed Concern About Chris Watts Acting ‘Cold as Ice’ (VIDEO)

James Fields Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder in the Death of Heather Heyer

Prosecutors Demand ‘Substantial Prison Term’ for Michael Cohen

Heroic Sheriff’s Sergeant Killed in the Borderline Bar Mass Shooting Died from Friendly Fire

Teacher Fired for Not Referring to Transgender Student by Preferred Pronouns

ACLU All But Declares Victory with Settlement in ‘Stop Fingering Me, Bro’ Lawsuit

‘Are You Afraid of Me Now?’: Clerk Alleges Creepy Encounter with Making a Murderer Attorney

Cops: Brian M. Bates Tried Putting Toilet Scrubber Up His Butt in Front of Patients, Masturbated

Man Shoves Apparently Random Victim into the Path of an Oncoming Truck (VIDEO)

Lawsuit: U.S. Citizen Nearly Deported, Guard Mocked Him with ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Zachary Koehn Sentenced to Life Without Parole in Murder of 4-Month-Old Son

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