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Florida Governor Orders Grand Jury Investigation Just Before Parkland Mass Shooting Anniversary

Cop Who Claims He Shot Fleeing Suspect in the Back in Self-Defense Didn’t Appear in Court to Enter Plea

Rare George Washington Signature Appointing Original Supreme Court Justice Is Up for Sale

Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Found Guilty on All Counts

Watch Live: Arron Lawson on Trial for Murder of Family Members

Cop Charged for Killing Colleague During Game of Russian Roulette Gets His Way, Judge Steps Aside

Nurse Implicated in Kelsey Berreth Murder Hid Victim’s Phone Out of Fear of Patrick Frazee, Friend Says

Watch Live: Ryan Duke Bond Hearing in Murder of Tara Grinstead

Prosecutors Challenge the Legality of Jason Van Dyke’s Sentence for Murdering Laquan McDonald

Dem Lawmaker Refuses to Resign After Saying NYC Council Controlled by ‘Homosexual Community’

Man Told Police He Needed to Be Punished for Murdering Girlfriend, Cops Say

This Man Charged with over 800 Counts of Sexually Abusing Child

Woman Gets Hit By Car While Walking with the Driver’s Boyfriend, Cops Say (VIDEO)

Attorney Says Disbarred Lawyer Wanted for Allegedly Killing Mom Had Previously Seemed ‘Upbeat’

Serial Killer Mall Santa Sentenced for Murdering Eight Men, Storing Remains at Another Person’s Home

Houston Detective Relieved of Duty After No-Knock Raid Leads to Two People Being Killed

Man Admits to Killing Childhood Friend, Whines He Didn’t Get as Much Money from It as Expected (VIDEO)

Nurse Implicated in Kelsey Berreth Murder Case Agrees to Testify Against Patrick Frazee

Claudia Hoerig Sentenced to Life with Possibility of Parole for Husband’s Murder

Watch: Claudia Hoerig Sentencing Hearing

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