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Legal Experts: SDNY May Be Investigating Trump Obstruction After ‘Friends in High Places’ Email

Lawyer Behind Stormy Daniels Hush Agreement Reveals What He Thinks Pushed Cohen to Pay Up

Make No Mistake, Stormy Daniels Won Her Case and it’s Because of Michael Avenatti

‘Beyond Ill-Advised’: Trump Says Cohen ‘Directly Asked for Pardon,’ Placing Himself in Serious Danger

Lawyer Who Questioned Donald Trump About Felix Sater Says He Told ‘Flat Untruth’ Under Oath

Michael Cohen’s Cooperation with Feds Happened After Trump Stopped Paying Legal Bills

Rudy Giuliani Accuses Cohen of Committing ‘Another Perjury,’ Much to Don Jr.’s Delight

Cohen Reportedly Gave Congress Proof That Trump Lawyers Edited His Moscow Project ‘Lie’

Mere Days After AOC Got Cohen to Implicate Trump in Fraud, Regulators Subpoena Trump Org Insurance Broker

Rep Says No Need to Have Hannity Testify Because Congress Has Better Info: ‘We Have a Tape Recording of the President’

Dissecting the (Non-Helpful) Apology Text Gaetz Sent Cohen After Congressional Hearings

Trump Tries Blaming Michael Cohen for Why He Didn’t Reach Deal with North Korea

Senate Intel Committee Now Investigating Trump’s Various Trips to Russia

A Day After Republicans Write Off Cohen for Lying to Congress, They Welcome Oliver North to CPAC

GOP Reps Accuse Michael Cohen of Perjury in Letter to the Justice Department

Dems Need a Good Reason to Get Trump’s Tax Returns, and Ocasio-Cortez May Have Gotten One from Cohen

Roger Stone Couldn’t Resist Responding to Cohen’s Testimony and May Be Jailed as a Result

Florida Bar Now Reportedly Investigating Matt Gaetz over Twitter Threat to Michael Cohen

‘Did He Just Perjure Himself Again?’: Eric Trump Accuses Michael Cohen of Lying During House Hearing

‘That Implicates You in Criminal Conspiracy’: Trump Jr.’s Signature Was on Hush Payment Reimbursement Check

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