michael cohen

Did Clinton Campaign Collude With The Russians By Funding Dossier Research?

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Set to Meet with Senate Behind Closed Doors, Report Says

Calm Down Folks, Trump Attorney’s Emails With Russian Contacts Are No Smoking Gun

Trump Threatened to Sue After Role of President in Sharknado Went to Mark Cuban

Trump’s Attorney Trolls Joe Scarborough Over Ditching GOP

Trump Lawyer Posts Lingerie Pic of His Daughter and Twitter Responds as You’d Expect

Trump Lawyer Agreed to Deliver Pro-Russia Proposal, Ukrainian Official Claims

‘100% Untrue!’: Trump’s Personal Attorney Michael Cohen Denies He’s Under FBI Investigation

And So It Begins, Trump Botches First Libel Bully Media Attack

Trump’s Notorious Attack Dog Attorney Michael Cohen Will Defend Him in Summer Zervos Lawsuit

Trump’s Attorney Goes in Total Attack Mode in Really Awkward Exchange on CNN

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