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Major Producer of Hydroxychloroquine Once Paid Michael Cohen Hefty Sum for Access to Trump

Judge Brutally Rejects Michael Cohen’s Coronavirus-Inspired Plea for Home Confinement

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Says Client Fears COVID-19 Could Cost Him His Life, Cites Pre-Existing Condition

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Trashes President Trump While Asking Judge to Let Convicted Felon Go Home

Michael Cohen’s Twitter Is Trying to Get Trump to Let Him Out of Prison, Cites Coronavirus

Michael Cohen Styles Self as John Dean, Likens Trump to the Devil in Attempt to Get Out of Prison Early

‘The President Loves You’: Newly Released FBI Memos on Cohen Appear Damning for Trump

Manhattan DA Seeks to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns Through Criminal Probe of Hush Payments

Prosecutors Asked Michael Cohen About Trump Org Possibly Falsifying Business Records: Report

Prosecutors Reveal They Have ‘Effectively Concluded’ Campaign Finance Violation Inquiry

Michael Cohen Warrants Shed Light on Frantic Response to Access Hollywood Tape, and More

Buckle Up: We’re Going to Learn More About the Michael Cohen Hush Payment Probe

Federal Judge Unseals Five Michael Cohen Search Warrants (READ)

Michael Cohen: Jay Sekulow Knew I Was Lying to Congress About the Moscow Project

Michael Cohen Is in Prison, But the Gov’t Still Wants to Hide Parts of the Evidence That Helped Put Him There

Florida Bar Moves Forward with Investigation into Rep. Gaetz’s ‘Witness Testing’

Cohen Claims Trump Org CFO Came Up with a ‘100 Different Ideas’ to Pay Off Stormy Daniels

Cohen Claims Guilty Plea Was Based on a ‘Lie’ — Here’s What That Means for His Conviction

Rudy Giuliani Applauds Latest Michael Cohen Bombshell: ‘Poetic Justice’

Report: Michael Cohen Unwittingly Admitted He Pleaded Guilty to ‘a Lie’

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