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Legal Experts: Good Luck Trying to Prove Trump ‘Encouraged’ Cohen to Lie About Russia

Giuliani: Trump ‘Never’ Spoke to Michael Cohen About Testimony Before Cohen Lied to Congress

Fmr Fed Prosector: If BuzzFeed Report Is True, ‘Clearest Example’ of Trump Committing ‘Several Crimes’ While in Office

Dan Abrams on Case for Trump Obstruction: If BuzzFeed Report is True, ‘This is Easy’

Michael Cohen’s Fake Polls and False Twitter Accounts May Be Worse Than Pathetic — They May Be Illegal

Trump’s Shot at Cohen’s Father-in-Law Looks an Awful Lot Like Witness Tampering, Dems Say

Two Trump-Related Questions Cohen Is Bound to Be Asked When He Testifies Before Congress

Former Federal Prosecutor: Donald Trump Jr. Needs to Be ‘Worried’ About Michael Cohen’s Guilty Pleas

Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Is on a Prague Denial Spree

Cell Phone Data Reportedly Supports Steele Dossier, Places Cohen Device Near Prague in 2016

Former Federal Prosecutor: Trump’s ‘Lashing Out’ at Matthew Whitaker May Have Been Obstruction

Trump Previously Testified That He Knew Quite a Bit About Campaign Finance Law

Upcoming Mueller Filings Could Answer Key Question in Russia Probe

There Is a Pretty Good Case That it Was Actually Trump Who Ratted Out Cohen

Here Are the Top 6 Takeaways from Michael Cohen’s Bombshell Good Morning America Interview

‘The Gift That Keeps on Giving’: Cohen Raid Sparks Criminal Probe of Trump Inauguration Committee

The Many Stages of Donald Trump’s Michael Cohen Denials

Trump with ‘Zero Evidence’ Suggests Cohen Cut Deal to Keep His Wife and ‘Rich’ Father-in-Law Out of Trouble

Trump’s Tweetstorm About Cohen Proves Once Again How Little He Knows About the Law

Trump’s ‘Advice of Counsel’ Tweets Trashing Michael Cohen May Have Just Waived Attorney-Client Privilege

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