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Philly Police Commissioner’s Apology to Starbucks Men is a Total Face-Palm Moment

Who’s at Fault When Police Kill Your Pet?

Domestic Abuse: Puerto Rico’s Women in Crisis

How Drug Courts Can Respond to the Opioid Crisis

In Germany, It’s Hard to Find a Young Adult in Prison

Teen Who Didn’t Pull Trigger Turns Down 25-Year Deal, Laughs, Gets 65 Years

Is #MeToo a Movement or a Moment?

Should Opioid Addicts Be Forced to Undergo Medical Treatment?

Can Alexa Testify Against You?

Uber Could be First Company Ever Charged With Manslaughter For Self-Driving Car Death

Ronald Gasser Gets 30 Years for Killing Fmr NFL Player Joe McKnight

Feds Arrest NYPD Officer for Alleged Heroin Trafficking

Police Misconduct Records Denied, Public Remains in Dark: Study

Insane Video Shows U.S. Marshal Shooting Armed Defendant in Federal Courtroom (WATCH)

An ‘Independent’ FBI Would Threaten US Civil Liberties: Paper

Man on Trial for Brutal Murder of University of Toledo Student

A Serial Package Bomber Appears to be Targeting and Killing People of Color in Texas

Fake Cop Sexually Assaulted Women During Illegitimate Traffic Stops, Police Say

Docs Reveal How FBI Secretly Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Stop Cyber Crimes

L.A. County Introduces ‘Lighter Touch’ for Juvenile Offenders

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