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Sentencing Bill’s Odds Improve, But Are No Sure Thing

Ex-Tulsa Officer Who Killed Man Disinvited from Talk

Florida Woman Accused Sheriff’s Deputy of Rape, Now She Faces a Felony Charge for it

Police: Texas Man Jimmie Jock Tarrer Killed Black Woman Who Accused His Wife of Using the N-Word

Music Superstar John Legend Joins Ohio Rally for Justice Reform

Port Authority Bomber: ‘I Didn’t Do it for ISIS, I Was Angry with Donald Trump’

Texan Allegedly Murdered 56-Year-Old Man, Estranged Wife Who Got Protective Order

Police Identify Girl Scouts, Mother Who Were Hit and Killed While Picking Up Trash Along Highway

Windows of Local GOP Headquarters Shot Out, Chairman Claims ‘Politically Motivated’ Attack

Police: White Grocery Store Shooter Tried to Break into Black Church ’10-15 Minutes’ Before Attack

Man Allegedly Beat Mother to Death, Claimed He Was Possessed by Demons and Hitler

Teen Mom Who Claimed Newborn Son Was Abducted Actually Killed Him, Cops Say

This Is the Man Who Allegedly Shot Up a Kentucky Grocery Store, Killing Two People

Law Student Allegedly Blackmailed Middle School Girl to Send Him Pornographic Videos of Herself

Pennsylvania County to Pay $4.75M in Inmate Death

Newly Released Footage Allegedly Shows Anti-Trump Former Porn Star Shooting Up Hotel (WATCH)

Manhattan Socialite Gets Basically Zero Punishment for Ugly, Anti-Semitic Incident on New Year’s Eve

Prosecutor Won’t Charge State AG for Groping Allegations Despite Finding Accusers ‘Credible’

Police: Teacher Accused of Sexting One of Her Students Tried to Place Blame Elsewhere

Cab Driver Charged with Hate Crime After Video Showed Alleged Assault on 62-Year-Old Jewish Man

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