Civil Rights

Federal Court Strikes Down Anti-LGBTQ Law in South Carolina

Voting Rights Advocates and Dems Score Major Legal Victory in Georgia

Could You Be Legally Fired If You Contract the Coronavirus? Experts Say These Are ‘Uncharted Waters’

‘There Is No Time Limit’: Lawsuit Aims to Force Ratification of Women’s Equality Amendment

Muslim Advocates Call New Travel Ban ‘Cowardly and Reckless’ Effort to ‘Distract the Country,’ Sow Hate

Florida Gov. DeSantis: Without GOP’s Poll Tax Formerly Incarcerated People Can’t Vote At All

Court Allows Republicans to Gerrymander Congressional Map in North Carolina

Stacey Abrams Takes a Big Step Forward to Combat Georgia’s Massive Voter Purges

‘It Mandates an Inequality’: Lawsuit Takes Aim at New Texas Law That Limits Early Voting

‘Partisan Retaliation Against Voters’: Lawsuit Attacks North Carolina GOP for Bill That Slashes Early Voting

Federal Judge Declares GOP ‘Poll Tax’ Unconstitutional, Says State Can’t Restrict Right to Vote Based on Ability to Pay

Conservative Legal Group Thinks RBG Will Rule Against LGBT Rights

Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymander Affecting African Americans in Mississippi

Muslim Woman’s Civil Rights Lawsuit Dismissed

Voting Rights Groups Call Out Arizona for Rejecting Thousands of Vote-by-Mail Ballots

GOP Removes Sole Polling Place From Famous Hispanic Majority City in Kansas

‘Sentencing Manipulation’: Judge Accuses Prosecutors of Protecting Cops Who Admittedly Framed Black Teen

‘The Facts Are Clear’: NY AG Says Trump’s Waffling on Russia Threatens America’s Election Systems

Court Rules TSA Officers Cannot Be Sued For…Much of Anything Really

Trump Admin Favorably Cites Japanese Internment Case in Effort to Deny Detainees Rights

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