Civil Rights

Conservative Legal Group Thinks RBG Will Rule Against LGBT Rights

Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymander Affecting African Americans in Mississippi

Muslim Woman’s Civil Rights Lawsuit Dismissed

Voting Rights Groups Call Out Arizona for Rejecting Thousands of Vote-by-Mail Ballots

GOP Removes Sole Polling Place From Famous Hispanic Majority City in Kansas

‘Sentencing Manipulation’: Judge Accuses Prosecutors of Protecting Cops Who Admittedly Framed Black Teen

‘The Facts Are Clear’: NY AG Says Trump’s Waffling on Russia Threatens America’s Election Systems

Court Rules TSA Officers Cannot Be Sued For…Much of Anything Really

Trump Admin Favorably Cites Japanese Internment Case in Effort to Deny Detainees Rights

Target Fires Worker After Customer Claims She was Racially Profiled, Forced to Strip at Store

Woman Files Lawsuit Claiming Prison Guard and Counselor Sexually Assaulted Her

SCOTUS: Defendant Can Overrule Attorney Who Wanted to Admit Guilt

Judge Slams Texas Voter ID Law: ‘A Hog in a Silk Waistcoat is Still a Hog’

Civil Rights Prosecutors Want to Indict Eric Garner’s Killer. The Trump Admin Won’t Let Them

Facebook Slapped With Lawsuit Alleging Numerous Civil Rights Violations

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