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ANALYSIS: Mueller’s Prosecutions May Violate First Amendment Free Speech Rights

A Gag Order By Manafort Judge Would Violate Free Speech & Fair Trial

Here are the Serious Problems With Mueller’s Indictment of Paul Manafort

Not So Fast, Why Palin Could Win on Appeal Against The New York Times

If Trump Jr. Is Guilty, So Is Every Democrat Who Takes Information From ‘Dreamers’

Why Donald Trump Jr. is Innocent. Period.

Dear Anti-Trump Legal Derelicts, You Can’t Remove the President Over Mika Facelift Tweet

Can Palin Win Libel Suit Against New York Times? You Betcha

Supreme Court Order Hints at Slam Dunk Win for Trump’s Travel Ban

Special Counsel Mueller Must Recuse from Comey Part of Inquiry

Comey was Before Congress to Indict Trump. Instead, He Might Have Indicted Himself.

Ginsburg Better Do Right Thing and Recuse Herself From Trump Travel Ban Case

Comey’s Firing Long Overdue

Heavily Democratic Fourth Circuit May Still Reinstate Trump Travel Ban

Judge Blocking Sanctuary City Order Apparently Still Thinks He’s Part of Obama Admin

Why Justice Gorsuch Would Find Trump’s Syria Strikes Unconstitutional

Why Susan Rice’s Reported ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials Raises Very Serious Legal Concerns for Her

Hey ‘Ethics Lawyers,’ Trump Aide Dan Scavino Definitely Didn’t Violate the Hatch Act

Why Michael Flynn Asking for Immunity is Actually Good for Trump

Comey Has Lost Our Trust and Should Recuse Himself From Trump Leaks Case

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