William Barr

Dem Senator: ‘Many’ Republicans Have ‘Privately Expressed’ that Barr Misrepresented the Mueller Report

William Barr and Nancy Pelosi’s Reported Encounter on Capitol Hill Is Really Something

‘Fierce and Fair’: What to Know About William Barr’s Pick to Investigate the Origins of Russia Probe

In Response to Contempt Threat, Barr Will Recommend Trump Assert Executive Privilege

Dems Ask Bar Associations to ‘Review’ Barr Because He ‘Appears to Have Lied to Congress Twice’

What to Expect Now That Congress Is Gearing Up to Hold AG William Barr in Contempt

Five Times Lindsey Graham Made a Fool of Himself During the Barr Hearing

Eric Holder, Once Cited for Contempt in Fast and Furious Probe, Criticizes Barr for ‘Protecting the President’

There Was No Legal Reason for Barr to Withhold Mueller’s Executive Summaries … But He Did

Freudian Slip? William Barr Says Trump Gave Don McGahn an ‘Obstruction’

Watch: William Barr Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sorry, But Attorney General William Barr Didn’t Commit Perjury

William Barr ‘Intentionally Misled’ the American People on Mueller’s Conclusions

DOJ Confirms Robert Mueller Was Displeased with William Barr’s Four-Page Letter

Former U.S. Attorney: Barr ‘Stiff-Arming the Public’ with House Judiciary ‘Standoff’

Eric Holder: ‘Any Competent’ Prosecutor Would Win Obstruction Case Against Trump

Fmr Federal Prosecutor: Barr Did ‘Lasting Damage’ and His Credibility Is in the ‘Trash’

Nadler: I Believe Trump Obstructed Justice, Barr ‘Consistently Misled’ Public

Despite Mueller Report’s Eye-Opening Evidence, Barr Made the Right Call on Obstruction

Barr Called Out for ‘Striking Contradiction’ Between His Comments and Mueller’s Report

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