William Barr

9/11 Families’ Attorney: ‘Third Man’ Who Helped Flight 77 Hijackers Has ‘Name We Were Familiar With’

Vice President’s Brother, an Indiana Congressman, Spent More Than $45,000 at Trump International Hotel

‘It’s WORSE That Barr Is Paying Out of Pocket’: Legal Peers Slam George Conway’s Defense of AG’s Trump Hotel Party

Here’s What AG Barr Did (and ‘Immediately Knew’) in the Aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Death

William Barr Is Shaking Things Up at the Bureau of Prisons After Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

GOP Senator Tells Attorney General Barr to ‘Rip Up’ Epstein’s ‘Crooked Deal’

AG Barr: Torture and Vigilantism in Dirty Harry and Death Wish Present ‘Interesting Issues’ of Justice (LISTEN)

Fed Judge: ‘Difficult to Reconcile’ Mueller Report with AG Barr’s Statements

‘Bizarrely Adversarial’: Legal Experts React to DOJ Letter That Told Mueller What He Can’t Say

Plot Twist: Barr Says He Isn’t Recused from Jeffrey Epstein’s Federal Case

AG Barr: Citizenship Question Can Still Be Added Legally

William Barr Said He Recused Himself from Review of Prior Esptein Case. Here’s Why.

Harvard Law Prof: There’s ‘No Limit’ to the Sh*t Barr Is Willing to Eat or ‘Toss at the Public’ to Please Trump

House Dems Vote to Hold AG Barr, Commerce Secretary Ross In Contempt

House Votes to Hold AG Barr, Don McGahn in Civil Contempt of Congress

DOJ Threatens Executive Privilege to Block Dems’ Access to 2020 Census Question Docs

Judge Napolitano: DOJ Agreeing to Turn Over Mueller Evidence ‘Potential Nightmare’ for Trump

DOJ Reveals What John Durham Will Be Doing to Investigate Origins of Russia Probe

Rod Rosenstein Goes to Bat for William Barr Over Obstruction Decision

DOJ Willing to Negotiate with Democrats Over Mueller Docs — on One Condition

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