William Barr

Former Federal Prosecutor: AG Barr ‘Should Probably Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney’

AG Barr Makes It Harder for Federal Authorities to Investigate Presidential Campaigns

NYC Bar Association Asks Congress to Investigate AG Barr’s ‘Troubling Pattern of Conduct’

Dems Tell Federal Court: Mueller Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Third Article of Impeachment

Mimi Rocah Is Running for Westchester DA as a Progressive Prosecutor. She Says She’s Ready to ‘Do the Right Thing’

Barack Obama’s Attorney General: Barr Is a Trump Loyalist Who Is ‘Unfit’ to Lead the DOJ

Inspector General Horowitz ‘Surprised’ by John Durham’s Statement on FISA Report

Trump Hotel Holiday Party Rescheduled, ‘Could Help Barr and His Guests Avoid Protests’

Former Federal Prosecutor: Barr’s Warning to Trump About Giuliani May Be ‘Wink and Nod’ About Coming Indictment

Former Federal Prosecutors: AG Barr’s Warning to ‘Communities’ That Don’t Support Police Was ‘Despicable’

AG Barr Sued for ‘Unlawful Refusals’ to Comply with Subpoenas Related to Census Question

Prominent Conservative Lawyers: Barr’s Views on Executive Power Are ‘Incongruous’ with Checks and Balances

DOJ Inspector General to ‘Refute Accusations of a Political Conspiracy’ Against Trump Campaign: Report

Judge Blocks AG Barr’s Death Penalty Initiative: ‘Short-Circuiting Legitimate Judicial Process’ Doesn’t Serve the Public

AG William Barr Publishes Report on Effectiveness of Gun Background Check System

AG Barr Confirms Release of IG Report on Russia Probe Is ‘Imminent’ on First Day of Public Impeachment Hearings

Former Federal Prosecutors Urge AG Barr to Protect Jurors in Roger Stone Trial from Tampering

Whistleblower Advocates Demand Obstruction Probe, Suggest Don Jr. Should Be ‘Immediately Arrested’

AG Barr Disputes Charge That He’s Doing Trump’s Bidding, Says He Only Acts ‘on Behalf of United States’

One Day After Public Event, DOJ Honors Lawyers in Private for Work on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

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