William Barr

Trump-Appointed Federal Judges Allow DOJ to Resume Federal Executions

Federal Judge Who Slammed AG Barr Obtains Unredacted Version of Mueller Report

AG Barr’s Memo Reveals ‘Risk Score,’ Other Factors Will Determine Which Inmates Get Home Confinement

Reagan-Appointed Judge Scorches DOJ’s Justification for Denying Funds to Sanctuary Cities

Lawyers Call for Barr’s Resignation: COVID-19 Is a Danger to Our Health and Economy, Barr Is a Danger to Democracy

AG Barr Puts Hoarders on Notice: If You Have a Warehouse of Surgical Masks, You Will Hear a Knock on Your Door

House Democrats Postpone AG Barr’s Oversight Hearing Until COVID-19 ‘Crisis Abates’

ACLU Calls on Attorney General Barr to Release Prisoners in Time of Pandemic

AG Barr and Ivanka Trump Met with Australian MP Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Watchdog Demands Investigation of AG Barr for ‘Failure to Recuse’ from Ukraine Affair

DOJ Threatens to Prosecute Anyone Fixing Prices on Sterile Gloves, Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

George W. Bush-Appointed Judge Isn’t Taking Barr’s Word for It, Will Review Mueller Report Redactions Himself

House Dems Demand AG Barr’s Documents, Accuse Him of ‘Improper Political Interference’

Attorneys Wonder Where AG Barr Is as Trump Continues to Make His Job ‘Impossible to Do’

Watchdog: AG Barr and Others ‘Unlawfully Interfered’ in Stone and Flynn Cases

Jonathan Turley Explains Why He Thinks Barr Was ‘Vindicated’ by Roger Stone Sentence

‘He Was Prosecuted for Covering Up for the President’: Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months

Harvard Law Professor Proposes Severing DOJ from Presidential Control

President Trump Appears to Believe He Is the Attorney General of the United States

‘Serial Abuser of the Legal System’: Lawyers Dismiss Trump’s Mueller Lawsuit Threats as ‘Lies and Smears’

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