tax returns

Trump-Appointed Judge–Again–Halts Congressional Lawsuit for President’s Tax Returns

House Uses Trump Impeachment Legal Team’s Arguments in Filing Seeking His Tax Returns

Mnuchin Defends Refusal to Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns After Releasing Hunter Biden’s Financial Info

DOJ Goes to Bat for Trump in SCOTUS Tax Return Cases: States, Congress Can’t Be Allowed to Harass Presidents

Federal Judge Halts House Lawsuit for Trump’s Tax Returns Because of … the Don McGahn Case?

SCOTUS Confirms It Will Resolve Three Trump Tax Return Disputes Months Before 2020 Election

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Gets First Crack at Trump’s Deutsche Bank Petition

What to Expect Now That Trump Asked SCOTUS to Hear Appeal in Mazars Tax Return Case

DOJ: Don McGahn Subpoena Case Likely ‘Highly Relevant’ to Trump Tax Return Case

House Attorneys Urge Supreme Court Not to Delay Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump Gets a Win: California Supreme Court Blocks Law Requiring Candidates to Release Tax Returns

Significant Supreme Court Decision on Trump’s Tax Returns Could Come Down Sooner Than Expected

SCOTUS’s Tax Return Moment Has Arrived: Trump Asks High Court to Keep Finances Secret

Federal Court Sets ‘Emergency’ Hearing in Trump Tax Return Case

Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Dismisses The President’s Lawsuit Over New York’s Tax Return Law

Trump Unwilling to Release Tax Returns Because He’s Not as Wealthy as He Claims: Pulitzer-Winning Journalist

Federal Appeals Court: Trump Can’t Block Finance Firm from Releasing Tax Returns

Listen: Audio of Oral Arguments in Trump Tax Return Case

Federal Court Allows Audio Livestream of Arguments in Trump Tax Return Case This Week

Former Federal Prosecutor Explains Why Newly Revealed Trump Tax Doc Discrepancies Don’t Prove Fraud

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