tax returns

Dems Need a Good Reason to Get Trump’s Tax Returns, and Ocasio-Cortez May Have Gotten One from Cohen

Lawmakers Pass Bill to Force Trump to Release Tax Returns or Be Left Off Ballot

House Democrats Announce Public Hearings Focused on ‘Presidential Tax Returns’

House Dems Announce Bill That Would Force Trump to Disclose Tax Returns

CNN Legal Analyst: Dems May Try to Get Trump Tax Returns, But it’s Not Going to Be Easy

Dems May Have Already Screwed Themselves Out of Getting Trump’s Tax Returns

Appeals Court to Hear Case over Releasing Trump’s Tax Returns This Week

Trump’s Pledge to Speak with Mueller is Almost Word for Word His Promise to Release His Taxes

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Invented A New Excuse For Why Trump Won’t Release His Taxes

Trump’s Lawyers Complain Protesters Want ‘Embarrassing’ Dirt by Seeking His Tax Returns and Mental Health Info

Law Firm That Wrote Letter Denying Trump Russia Connections Rated ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’

WikiLeaks Wants You to Give Them Trump’s Tax Returns

GOP and Trump Camp Hoping People Don’t Care About Tax Returns

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