tax returns

Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Dismisses The President’s Lawsuit Over New York’s Tax Return Law

Trump Unwilling to Release Tax Returns Because He’s Not as Wealthy as He Claims: Pulitzer-Winning Journalist

Federal Appeals Court: Trump Can’t Block Finance Firm from Releasing Tax Returns

Listen: Audio of Oral Arguments in Trump Tax Return Case

Federal Court Allows Audio Livestream of Arguments in Trump Tax Return Case This Week

Former Federal Prosecutor Explains Why Newly Revealed Trump Tax Doc Discrepancies Don’t Prove Fraud

Turns Out Deutsche Bank Actually Does Not Have Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Federal Judge: Manhattan DA Can Enforce Subpoena for Trump’s Tax Returns; the President Is Not a King

Trump Says He’s Completely Immune from ‘the Criminal Process’ in Lawsuit to Keep Tax Returns Secret

Deutsche Bank Responds to Judge’s Order, Confirms It Has Tax Returns ‘Responsive to Subpoenas’

Harvard Law Profs Clash Over California Law Aimed at Trump’s Tax Returns

Get Ready for a Fight: Dem Governor Signs Bill to Keep Trump Off Ballot Unless He Releases Tax Returns

Trump-Appointed Judge to Preside Over House Democrats’ Tax Return Lawsuit

Top 7 Takeaways from House Democrats’ Lawsuit Over Trump’s Tax Returns

DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel Backs Mnuchin’s Refusal to Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns

House Democrats Respond to Mnuchin’s Tax Return Denial with Subpoenas, Set a New Deadline

Giuliani Just Completely Gutted Trump’s Original Excuse for Not Releasing Tax Returns

Tax Expert: ‘Far From Clear’ That IRS Can Be Compelled to Release Trump’s Returns

N.Y. Lawmakers Have a Backup Plan Ready if House Dems Fail to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump Lawyer Warns IRS: If You Give in to the Democrats it Will Cause ‘Lasting Damage to Our Nation’

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