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Sounds Like Trump Literally Stole His Legal Justification for Syria Attack… From Obama

Obama Boots Russian Diplomats, Imposes Sanctions for Hacking, ‘Harassment of Our Diplomats’

Here’s Why President Obama Should Absolutely Not Give Hillary Clinton a Pardon

White House Blocks Benghazi Questions for Obama in Clash With Congress

Trump Says Hillary’s Response to Orlando Mirrors Obama’s Because She Fears Indictment

President Obama is Wrong on the Law; Trump Mostly Right On Muslim Ban

Obama Brings SCOTUS Pick Debate to GOP Senators’ Home States

UPDATE: Possible Supreme Court Split Could End Obama’s Undocumented Immigrant Program

White House Posts Sentimental Video of Family Man, Judge Merrick Garland

Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland: Tough on Crime, but Soft on Guns?

WATCH LIVE: President Obama to Announce Supreme Court Nominee

White House Down to Three Candidates for Supreme Court

Report: This Judge Has More than 50% Chance of Being Picked For Supreme Court

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Says No Thanks to Supreme Court

Big Surprise, President Obama Wants a Liberal as Next Supreme Court Justice

Senate Shouldn’t ‘Bet the House’ on Supreme Court Obstruction

Two Obama Family Vacations Cost Taxpayers Millions: Lawsuit

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