Parkland shooting

Parkland Teen Takes Her Own Life After Struggling with Survivor’s Guilt, Mom Says

Don’t Look Now, But Betsy DeVos May Be Planning to Use Federal Funds to Put Guns in Schools

‘How Can They Keep Saying I Did Nothing?’: Maligned Parkland Deputy Reflects on School Shooting

New Cell Phone Video of Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Vowing to Kill 20 People Surfaces

Watch: Zachary Cruz In Court, Brother of Parkland Shooter

Parkland Victim’s Father Sues ‘Coward’ Deputy Who Remained Outside School

Newly Released Footage Shows What Deputy Did During Parkland Shooting (VIDEO)

Victim’s Attorney Says Prosecutors Need to Recuse Themselves from Nikolas Cruz Case

Guardianship Could Prevent Another Tragedy Like Parkland

Please Stop Debating Gun Control and Read This First

Despite Reported Failings, Holding Broward Sheriff’s Office Accountable Could Prove Difficult

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