The Arizona Supreme Court Just Allowed This Business to Discriminate Against LGBTs

President Trump Tries To Send Supportive LGBT Message for Pride Month, Fails Spectacularly

Gay Lawmaker Epically Takes Down ‘Save Chick-fil-A Bill’ in Texas

Churches File Lawsuit Requesting Ability to Discriminate Against LGBT Individuals

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Police Body Camera Catches GOP State Senator With Teenage Boy (VIDEO)

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

Trump Judicial Nominee Claimed Same-Sex Marriage Decision ‘Imperils Civic Peace’

Calls For Professor To Be Fired After Forcing Students To Take ‘Female Or Shemale’ Quiz

Sessions Suggests Social Security Employees Can Refuse To Process LGBT Claims (VIDEO)

Trump Said Pence Wants To ‘Hang’ All The Gays

Trump’s One-Two Punch Hits Birth Control, LGBT Rights

SCOTUS Could Decide if Civil Rights Act Covers LGBT People in Potential Landmark Case

Female Inmates Feel Endangered by Trans Women in Prison, Lawsuit Claims

Lawyers for Wife of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Could Face Sanctions

Gay Students’ Yearbook Quotes Were Removed Because They Might ‘Offend’

Gay Town Clerk Says Officials Let His House Burn Down

Religious Judge Wants Supreme Court to Let Her Avoid Officiating Same-Sex Marriages

Suspect Arrested for Arson at LGBT Youth Center

Suspect Allegedly Lit LGBT Youth Center on Fire (WATCH)

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