Trump’s Latest Legal Threats Might Have Just Screwed Him in Sexual Assault Defamation Case

Dan Abrams Discusses Implications Roger Ailes’ Death Could Have on Fox Lawsuits

Pro-Trump Attorney for Fox Employees Says More Discrimination Lawsuits Against Network Coming

Told You So! Trump Never Filed Those Lawsuits Against Times, Accusers That He Promised During Election

NCAA Agrees to Pay $208 Million Settlement in Antitrust Case

Trump Card: Keeping Score of Presidential Legal Issues

President Trump Now Faces 39 Federal Lawsuits Related to His Immigration Ban

President Trump Has Already Been Sued 34 Times Since Being Elected

Media’s Inexcusable Double Standard: Trump and Clinton Lawsuits

Gawker Founder Speaks Out on Peter Thiel, Says His Website Did Not Out Him as Gay

Man Who Sued Gawker Denies Reports of Secret Funder Behind His Lawsuit

Trump Says He Hasn’t Been Sued Very Often, Except We Found 138 Cases in Federal Court Alone

Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille Set to Testify Today

We Investigated, Donald Trump is Named in at Least 169 Federal Lawsuits

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