John Roberts

At Impeachment Trial, Chief Justice Roberts Will Do Just What Rehnquist Did: Nothing in Particular

Law Profs Say It’s ‘BS’ Notion That Chief Justice Roberts Can ‘Overrule the Majority’ at Impeachment Trial

Chief Justice Roberts Praises Merrick Garland, Celebrates Independent Judiciary in Year-End Report

Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case With Trump-Appointed Justices on the Bench

Trump Reportedly Considering Executive Order in Response to SCOTUS Census Decision

20 Minutes After Wishing Everyone Happy Thanksgiving, Trump Criticizes John Roberts Again

Chief Justice John Roberts Scolds President Trump for ‘Obama Judge’ Remark

Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of ‘Cover Up’ for Sitting on Kavanaugh Misconduct Complaints

Chief Justice Roberts Just Gave a Big Win to Dark Money, and No One Seems to Be Paying Attention

‘Sociological Gobbledygook’: Justice Roberts Apparently Not Buying Dems’ Claim in Gerrymandering Case

Gorsuch Set to Speak to Organization With Alleged Ties To Islamophobia

Remember That Time Trump Called ‘Bull****’ on Chief Justice Roberts

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