Woman Sues to Stop Presidential Election Until ‘Serious, Trustworthy’ Candidate Can Be Found

Why It Probably Won’t Matter Even If James Comey Violated The Hatch Act

FBI Admits Finding Additional Info On Clinton Server During Email Investigation

Lawmaker Says There is Enough Evidence to Indict Clinton But FBI Will Punt

Clinton Told Aide to Call Home Phone After Secure Connection Failed, New E-Mails Show

Committee Chairman Says They Discovered Revealing New Facts Surrounding Benghazi Attacks

State Dept. Withheld Key Email From Clinton’s Private Server in FOIA Lawsuit

Cruz Super PAC Accuses Kasich of Accepting Money from George Soros; They’re Wrong

FBI Investigating Whether Clinton Aides Shared Classified Access Passwords

Fox’s Judge Napolitano Says DOJ Is Ready to Indict in Clinton E-Mail Investigation

FBI Secures Cooperation of Clinton Aide Who Set Up Her Private E-Mail Server

Well, Duh, FBI Director Tells Congress He Will Ensure Clinton Investigation ‘Independent’

Why One Clinton E-Mail ‘Withheld’ By Law Enforcement Could Be so Crucial

Judge Napolitano: FBI Will Leverage Clinton’s Aides in E-Mail Investigation

Former FBI Asst. Director Calls Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Answer Wishful Thinking

Yes, Hillary Clinton Did Commit a Crime … and She Should be Charged

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