criminal law

Proof that Jeff Sessions Actually Supports the Transgender Community

White Woman Allegedly Sexually-Assaulted During Hate Crime by Two Black Men

Kentucky Supreme Court Smacks Down Judge’s Attempt to Protect Suspect from All-White Jury

Can Non-Lawyer Judge Throw You in Jail? Supreme Court May Decide

Trump is Right, the Access Hollywood Recording Might be an ‘Illegal Act’

Is Access Hollywood’s ‘Trump Tape’ Proof NBC Committed a Crime Against Trump?

Ask The Lawyerz: Sexual Harassment at Work

Ask The Lawyerz: This Week We are Focused on Criminal Law!

‘Affluenza’ Mom Indicted For Hindering Apprehension and Money Laundering

This Might be Clarence Thomas’ Most Appalling Opinion Yet

Oxford Lets ‘Sensitive’ Law Students Skip Class If They Find Coursework ‘Offensive’

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